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"I'm better than everybody!"— Cure Shyama
Cure Shyama
SkPC-Icon Shyama
Kyua Shaiamā
Basic Information
AgeAbout 15
Alter EgoCharoite
Created byBreak
Theme ColorBlack
Anime Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~
DebutRainbow Star 06
SeiyuuSaitou Chiwa
Cure Shyama is an evil Pretty Cure of the Sky Pretty Cure series. Cure Shyama is the Pretty Cure of darkness and was creaded by Break. She has a loyal character and follows every order Break gives her. Cure Shyama prefers to be called She prefers to be called Charoite (チャロアイト Charoaito?). She was defeated by Cure Sienna in episode 64.

General Information


Cure Shyama has black hair, of which her bangs cover her right eye. Her eye color is dark brown. Her Cure outfit consists of a black dress without sleeves. Around her left upper arm, she wears a black bracelet with silver spikes, while she wears a black arm warmer around her right arm and a black bracelet with silver spikes. Around her hips, she wears a black belt, that looks identical to the bracelets she wears. Shyama wears dark grey boots and black bracelets around her legs. These bracelets hold the net-stockings she is wearing. The skirt of the dress is pretty torn and the seconds layer is colored in a darker shade of black.


Shyama is a very arrogant and cold character. She was created to hate the original Pretty Cures and the colors of the rainbow. She is very moody and becomes angry very easily. But she also is very loyal. She does everything Princess Break tells her.


Shyama (シャイアマー?) - Derived from Sanskrit shyama meaning "dark, black, blue"[1] .

Charoite (チャロアイト?) - Charoite is a rare silicate mineral, first described in 1978 and named for the Chara River. Charoite is translucent lavender to purple in color with a pearly luster.[2]


"I am the jewel of darkness! Cure Shyama!"
Watashi wa kurayami no jueru! Kyua Shaiamā!

Cure Shyama (キュアシャイアマー Kyua Shaiamā?) is a dark Cure created by Princess Break. She holds and controls the power of darkness. She is much stronger than the good Cures and very loyal towards her creator. She uses magical attacks very rarely. But if she uses them, her basic attacks are Dark Force Field and Black Boom.


  • Dark Force Field - One of Shyama's attacks. To use it, Cure Shyama points at the ones she wants to trap in her Force Field and then shoots a black net from her palm. The net catches the targets, which are now trapped at the ground, unable to move at all.
  • Black Boom - One of Shyama's attacks. First, Cure Shyama summons a dark energy ball. Then she shouts: "Black Boom!" and throws it at the enemy.





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