The Cure Pads (キュア パッド Kyua Paddo) are the transformation devices used by Shigure Kiriya, Atsuki Hareta and Eri Meido in Warm Pretty Cure. Each girl gets their own Cure Pad when they have a feeling of protecting something and it either falls into their hands or floats in front of them when they are chosen. To transformm, the girls must say "Pretty Cure! Shiny Transformation!". They carry their Cure Pad around either in their pocket or in a bag.


The pad look like an original phone and has three pale pink buttons on the bottom for the girls to activate their transformation. It is kept in a red and white case.


The Cure Pad are used to help Shigure, Atsuki and Eri transform into Pretty Cure. To transform, Shigure, Atsuki and Eri must shout out, "Pretty Cure! Shiny Transformation!" and swipe their three fingers across the three buttons on the bottom of the phone.


  • The Cure Pads are the fourth phone-like items existing in the Pretty Cure universe.

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