The Cure Jewels  (キュアジュエル Kyua Jueru) are items with many uses. The Shine★Pretty Cure! Cures use them. Made by MitsuMitsu-chan. There are a total of 10 Jewels. They are also used to revive Queen Bright.

Uses (Pink)

1. Allows Yuuka to transform into Cure Light.

2. Allows Cure Light to perform Pretty Cure Light Shower and Pretty Cure Light Burst.

Uses (Blue)

1. Allows Rei to transform into Cure Queen.

2. Allows Cure Queen to perform Pretty Cure Queen Freeze and Pretty Cure Queen Blizzard.

Uses (Yellow)

1. Allows Aika to transform into Cure Clover.

2. Allows Cure Clover to perform Pretty Cure Clover Reaction and Pretty Cure Clover Defence.

Uses (Purple)

1. Allows Miho to transform into Cure Spade.

2. Allows Cure Spade to perform Pretty Cure Spade Sparkle and Pretty Cure Spade Shoot.

Uses (Light Pink)

1. Provides Chocola's needs.

Uses (Light Blue)

1. Provides Amai's needs.

Uses (Orange)

1. Provides Lemon's needs.

Uses (Lavender)

1. Provides Cherry's needs.

Uses (Red)

1. Provides Kira's needs.

Uses (Rainbow)

1. Allows all the Cures to perform Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection.


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