Cure Clover/Clover-chan
キュア クローバー/クローバーちゃん
kyua kuroba/kuroba chan
Personal Information
Age12 (when gets taken)

21 (when is saved by cures)

Birthday Date9 March
Hair Colordark green (Clover-chan)

Green (Cure Clover)

Eye Colordark green (Clover-chan)

Green (Cure Clover)

Home PlaceStarlight Kingdom
RelativesLucy (sister)
Alter EgoCure Clover
Theme Colorgreen
Anime Information
SeasonTwinkle Time! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceTTPC01
Cure Clover (キュア クローバー kyua curova?) is one of the main cures in Twinkle Time! Pretty Cure. Her theme colour is green, and represents clovers.

She does not have a civilian name, so the other cures call her 'Clover-chan'.



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