Crystals of the Trusting heart are making peace in the Moonlight Kingdom. The Queen send themto earth and Pretty Cure have to find them. 


There are five diffrent crystals:

- Heart Crystal - Crystal of love, Cure Amore can colect them with Heart Holder

- Diamond Crystal - Crystal of wise, Cure Triangle can colect them with Diamond Holder

- Circle Crystal - Crystal of brave, Cure Plate can colect them wit Circle Holder

- Lucky Clover Crystal - Crystal of friendship, Cure Lucky can cloect them with Lucky Clover Holder

- Star Crystals - Crystal of hope, Cure Shining can colect them with Star Holder.

Episodes Crystals

Episode 1 - Heart Crystal

Episode 2 - Heart Crystal

Episode 3 - Diamond Crystal

Episode 4 - Heart Crystal

Episode 5 - Star Crystal

Episode 6 - Star Crystal

Episode 7 - Diamond Crystal

Episode 8 - Lucky Clover Crystal

Episode 9 - Lucky Clover Crystal

Episode 10 - Heart Crystal

Episode 11 - Heart Crystal

Episode 12 - Star Crystal

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