Crystals of the Trusting heart are making peace in the Moonlight Kingdom. The Queen sent them to earth and the Pretty Cure have to find them. 


There are five different crystals:

- Heart Crystal - Crystal of love, Cure Amore can collect them with Heart Holder

- Diamond Crystal - Crystal of wisdom, Cure Triangle can collect them with Diamond Holder

- Circle Crystal - Crystal of bravery, Cure Plate can collect them wit Circle Holder

- Lucky Clover Crystal - Crystal of friendship, Cure Lucky can collect them with Lucky Clover Holder

- Star Crystals - Crystal of hope, Cure Shining can collect them with Star Holder.

Episodes Crystals

Episode 1 - Heart Crystal

Episode 2 - Heart Crystal

Episode 3 - Diamond Crystal

Episode 4 - Heart Crystal

Episode 5 - Star Crystal

Episode 6 - Star Crystal

Episode 7 - Diamond Crystal

Episode 8 - Lucky Clover Crystal

Episode 9 - Lucky Clover Crystal

Episode 10 - Heart Crystal

Episode 11 - Heart Crystal

Episode 12 - Star Crystal

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