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Crystal Speed (クリスタルスピード Kurisutaru Supīdo?) is Cure Whitney's upgrade attack from Sky Pretty Cure and Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. To use this attack, she needs her Bianko Crystal.


First, Cure Whitney summons her Haeven Crystal by saying "Full power of pure white colors! Blessed with powers of heaven!". While saying it, she raised her arm to the sky. Then, Cure Whitney forms her hand into a fist and wipes over the Heaven Crystal. Then she puts her arm towards the enemy and calls "Pretty Cure Crystal Speed!". Then many white and light blue swirls reach for the enemy and form a big swirl behing the enemy to purify it.



Cure Whitney: 真っ白な色のフルパワー!
Cure Whitney: 天の力に恵まれた!
Cure Whitney: プリキュアクリスタルスピード!


Cure Whitney: Masshirona iro no furupawā!
Cure Whitney: Ten no chikara ni megumareta!
Cure Whitney: Purikyua kurisutaru supīdo!


Cure Whitney: Full power of pure white colors!
Cure Whitney: Blessed with powers of heaven!
Cure Whitney: Pretty Cure, Crystal Speed!



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