Crystal Mirror Pretty Cure (クリスタルミラープリキュアKurisutaru Mirā Purikyua) is starmix03's 4th fan series. There are 5 motifs for this series and they are; Crystals, Mirrors, White Magic, Mages, and Snow. This series is preceded by Kirakira Pretty Cure!


Deal with it. Mirrors, Crystals, and Three Legendary Warriors. A princess, which is a Pretty Cure named Cure Stardust is Snowflake Crystal Empire's very last warrior. The Snowflake Crystal Empire are searching for warriors that protects their kingdom from The Hail Trio. Soon, three girls were chosen to be the Pretty Cures. They must learn and understand the danger of The Hail Trio before it's too late.


Pretty Cures

Mayonaka Kesshō/Cure Crystal (真夜中 結晶/キュアクリスタル Mayonaka Kesshō/Kyua Kurisutaru)

Kesshō is the patient 14 year old girl in Reflection Academy. Kesshō is really good at her studies and sports like Aida Mana. And she also wants to be a doctor like Hishikawa Rikka. She is best friends with Kagami. As Cure Crystal, she holds the power of any precious mineral.

Hansha Kagami/Cure Reflect (反射 鏡/キュアレフレクション Hansha Kagami/Kyua Refurekushon)

Kagami is rich, like Yotsuba Alice. Her family owns Reflection Academy. Kesshō always go to her humongous house. Sometimes, Kagami may be mature, and whenever someone bullies and teases her, she'll be brave enough to beat them up. As Cure Reflect, she holds the power of mirrors and light.

Hoshikuzu Kiseki/Cure Stardust (星屑 奇跡/キュアスターダスト Hoshikuzu Kiseki/Kyua Sutādasuto)

The princess of Snowflake Crystal Empire. On a war when she was still very little, her father was killed. She was filled with lots of melancholy, so she decided to not transform for years. She disguised herself as a transfer student in Kesshō's school. She is very similar to Kenzaki Makoto. As Cure Stardust, she holds the power of stars and snow.

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