The Creativity Brush (クリエイティビティブラシ Kurieitibiti Burashi) is the transformation item used by Hiromi, Sayaka, Arisa, and Megumi in Create✿ Pretty Cure. They shout, "Creativity Brush!" and it transforms into their transformation tablet. Then they transform. The brush can only be used by the girls, and it can do anything, for good purpose. The four girls, along with Kaori and her Rainbow Impact, can perform the first group attack, Creativity Crystal Shower.


The girls take their brush out and yell, "Creativity Brush!". The brush glows their specific color and becomes their individual tablets.Then they shout, "Pretty Cure, Creativity Splash!", and writes "Create" on the tablet. Then the girls transform; appearing first is their top, sleeves, gloves if had, skirt, boots, neck accessory if had, wrist accessory if had, earrings, and then their hair changes and the accessory is added. They land and introduce theirself.


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