This is a list of episodes for Cosmic Pretty Cure!!

episode # Title Villain Air Date


Moeru hi! Kyua Arufa
"The Burning Sun!! Cure Alpha!!"
X/Shugo Matsuo


2 Chikyū no purotekutā! Kyua tera!
地球のプロテクター!キュア テラ!
"Protector of Earth! Cure Terra!!"
X/Shugo Matsuo 2015-02-15
3 Masaka! Shizukana zaimu to kanojo no kibō!
"No Way!! The Quiet Treasurer and her hopes!"
Z/Daisuke Aikage 2015-02-22
4 Daishi ni kyua-yō kuesuto!
"Quest for the Fourth Cure!"
K/Reika Matsuo 2015-03-01
5 To~uinkuru To~uinkuru! Kyua Sutā!
トゥインクルトゥインクル!キュア スター!
"Twinkle Twinkle!! Cure Star!!"
Z/Daisuke Aikage 2015-03-08
6 Danketsu! Kozumikku Purikyua!
"Unite! Cosmic Pretty Cure!!"
X/Shugo Matsuo 2015-03-15

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