Cordelia Kobayashi

Cordelia Kobayashi

Kobayashi Cordelia
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorCordelia : purplish black

Cure Intelligent : Black

Eye ColorBrown : Cordelia

Cure Intelligent: Black

Home PlaceTokyo,Japan


Usui Kobayashi

Alter EgoCure Intelligent
Theme ColorBlack
Anime Information
First AppearanceFWDDPC01

"Yosh! power Up!!!" - Cordelia's catchphrase.

Cordelia Kobayashi (コー​​デリア小林 Kobayashi Cordelia?) she is one of main character from Futari Wa Doki Doki Precure!. She known as Ice Girl (氷の少女 kori no shojo?) at her school. She have a older brother named Usui Kobayashi. Cordelia and Sherlock are bestfriend since childhood. Her alter ego is Cure Intelligent. She is also part of new precure unit called Feathers.


She has a short purplish black hair and brown eyes. Cordelia is quiet but very good at sports. She always shared with Sherlock Kuran.

When as cure intelligent she has a long black hair and black eyes.


She known Ice Girl (氷の少女 kori no shojo?) at her school, She have a serious and friendly personality. She dislike her annyoing brother, Usui.

Cure Intelligent

"known something, cure intelligent"
"Kichi no mono, Kyua Interijento!"

Cure Intelligent (キュア賢い Kyua Interijento?)is Cordelia's alter ego. determine a strategy against the enemy quickly and her theme colour is black. She needs her Detective Id to transform and her transformation phrase is Pretty Cure! Detective Stand By!


Attack Power 4/5

Defensive Power 4/5

Speed 5/5

Intelligence 5/5


(To Ishikawa Goemon) - I want to protect Her! because she is my best friend!


  • her personality is similiar with Hyuuga Saki
  • she loves to eat sweets
  • she have a older brother
  • she is cure sword big fan

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