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Color Palette
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Color Palette

Color Palette (カラーパレット Karā Paretto?) is a weapon appearing in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. The Palette had its debut in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. The Color Palette is mainly used by Cure Heather and Cure Lavender. The Color Palette was given to the Cures by Pink and Purple.

Appearance and Abilities

The Color Palette has a circle on it that shows every color represented by the Cures and two circle on each side of this that are pink and purple colored. There is also a crystal shaped like a Heaven Crystal on the top and a purple ribbon at the end.

The Color Palette allows the Rainbow Star Cures to use the attacks Lovely Color Wave and Dreamy Kiss. In order to use the Color Palette, Pink and Purple have to summon it and then give it to Heather and Lavender. Later in the series, the Cures learn that they can fuse the powers of the Color Palete and the Heaven Crystals to use stronger attacks like Full Rainbow Circle and Magical Rainbow Finale.


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