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The Color Communes (色コミューン Iro Komyūn?) or (カラーコミューン Karā Komyūn?) are the transformation items of the Sky Pretty Cure Series and the main transformation item of the first season. There are two different forms of color communes which are the Warm Color Commune (暖色コミューン?) and the Cold Color Commune (寒色コミューン?).


The Color Communes have a pretty simple design. The commune resembles a black, techincal device with a screen at the upper part of the device. The screen covers 2/3 of the while device. And under the screen, three heart-shaped buttons can be seen. The color of the buttons depend on the user. So the buttons are red for Akahane Ruby, yellow for Kiishi Topaz, orange for Mikanki Amber, green for Midorikusa Emerald, blue for Aomizu Sapphire and white for Shirosora Diamond.



Ruby about to transform

In their commune forms, the mascots have only one ability. This ability is to transform the girls into the legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure. The Cures need to press the big heart button, which is located in the middle of the commune, twice to activate their transformation. Then they need to shout "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Paint Over!" or "Pretty Cure! Magical Paint Over!" to complete the activation.


  • Unlike in the first design, the new design doesn't show the Mascot's heads.
    • This makes the Color Communes the first Communes to not show the Mascot's heads.


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