Clio Mitsotakis
Mitsu~otakisu Kurio
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Alter EgoCure Olympus
Theme ColorGold
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure! Repeat!
First AppearancePCR01


Clio has short, curly blonde hair which she usually keeps at neck-length. She has fair skin and bright blue eyes. She thinks boys clothes are more comfortable, so her appearance and dress causes her to often be mistaken for a boy.


Clio often uses strange metaphors and has unusual tastes. She is rather philosophical, but when she starts on one of her "meaning of life/philosophy" speeches, they tend to digress pretty quickly. She loves food and is amazed by how much there is that she has never heard of, and she wants to try it all. She tends to speak in a bit of a monotone. Clio is very brave and has a strong sense of justice.


Cure Olympus




Chrono Trident
Cure Olympus's special weapon takes the form of a trident. The trident works as a conductor and can be used to throw lightning at enemies, or it can be stabbed into the ground the create fissures.


Power Ups

Character Songs


Imadoki Genko

Patrizia di Mezzo

Rachel Anderson

Sakae Miku


Clio - The name of the ancient Greek muse of History.


  • Clio shares some visual similarities with Sailor Uranus of Sailor Moon, as well as a voice actor.

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