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This is a list of episodes for Christmas Precure!

episode # Title Villain Attack Air Date
01 Hōhō wa arimasen! Watashi wa jibun no tanjōbi ni purikyua ni naru!
"No Way! I become a Pretty Cure on my birthday!"
Bad Merry Christmas 2013-12-22
02 Kiwotsukero! Kyua Kurisumasu ga gekitsui shite imasu!
"Look out! Cure Christmas comes shooting down!"
Bad Christmas Showdown 2013-12-29
03 Pūrupātī no min'na! Nagareboshi ga umareru!
"Pool party everybody! A shooting star is born!"
Bad Star Shine 2014-01-05
04 Kenmeina anata no kyūjitsu o sugosu! Koko de Toripuru Dorīmu ga kuru!
"Spend your holiday wisely! Here comes Triple Dream!"
Bad Triple Dream 2014-01-12
05 Kurasshu! Koko de Kyua Tsurī tōjō!
"Crash! Here comes Cure Tree!"
Bad Tree Tackle 2014-01-19
06 Bad Triple Dream

Tree Tackle

07 Bad Decoration Stream 2014-02-02
08 Bad Gift Impact 2014-02-09
09 Bad Valentine Explosion 2014-02-16
10 Bad Season Glow 2014-02-23
11 Bad Triple Dream

Quartet Sting

12 Bad Quartet Sting

Merry Christmas

13 Bad Christmas Showdown

Star Shine

14 Bad Tree Tackle

Decoration Stream

15 Devil Triple Dream

Quartet Sting

16 Bad Gift Impact 2014-04-13
17 Bad Season Glow 2014-04-20
18 Bad Quartet Sting 2014-04-27
19 Bad Merry Christmas

Season Glow

20 Devil Triple Dream 2014-05-11

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