Personal Information
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceCandy Land
RelativesQueen Bright (mother)
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!

Chocola (チョコラ Chokora) is the lead mascot of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She is Queen Bright's daughter and the princess of Candy Land. She sometimes fight with Yuuka for minor reasons.


In mascot form, Chocola has short, pink, curly hair, with a big pink bow on her head and light peach skin.

In human form, Chocola has short, pink, curly hair, with a big pink bow on her head and normal human skin. She wears a pale pink long sleeved dress, with a purple ribbon on the top.


Chocola is kind, and sweet, and helpful. She gets respected because she likes to help the commoners.


When King Lie and his minions attacked Candy Land. Queen Bright used all her power to seal up King Lie, and turned into a statue. Before turning into a statue, Queen Bright sent Chocola to the human world to look for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure to restore Candy Land and defeat King Lie.


Mitsuta Yuuka - Yuuka is Chocola's partner. They form a very good friendship, although they fight for minor reasons.

Queen Bright - Chocola loves her mother, and will do anything in order to revive her.


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