Cho is one of cures from Pretty Cure Phoenix Prisms! Her cure form is Cure Light. 

Cho Hisakawa
久川 チョ
Hisakawa Cho
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceShiranami Town
RelativesMiya Hisakawa (Mother)

Akio Hisakawa (Father) Rika Hisakawa (Sister)

Alter EgoCure Light
Theme ColorDark blue, light blue
Anime Information


Cho is great at studying and loves reading. A lot of her classmates don't understand how can she read so many books. She doesn't like sports to much but there are some sports she likes (badminton, swimming and bowling). She loves music and can play piano. Cho is very good friend and cares for her friends very much. She also loves her family very much.


Before series started

When Cho was little girl she often asked her mother or father if they can read to her. She loved stories very much and when she learned to read she read all the time. In school she found some friends and was happy. There were some girls that didn't like her but she didn't care. On her first day in middle school she met Ellie. They didn't like each other at first but became best friends when they were chosen to play the piano on school concert together. 


Cho has long black hair and blue eyes. In her cure form, her hair become longer and it keeps in ponytail. Her main colors are dark blue and light blue.


Rika HisakawaRika is Cho's older sister. They get along very well.

Ellie KagomeEllie is Cho's best friend. They usually get along very well but also argue a lot.

HikariHikari is Ellie's mascot partner. 

Konomi HoshikuzuAguri KisekiInseki HoshinoInochi Modosu - Other cures in team. She gets along with them well.

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