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Like Kasugano Urara, Kise Yayoi, Kujou Hikari and Shirabe Ako she is youngest member of the group. She works hard of being an actress. She's a fan of her favourite actors / actress and performers whenever she sees what they do she realized she's in the right and wrong places. She inores something bad and sticks with something better.


  • Chahna is the thrid Precure warrior to use the wind element first was Cure Windy from Pretty Cure Splash Star and second Cure March from Smile Pretty Cure.
  • She was the first Pretty Cure as my idea of using Purple / Violet as her theme colour before Makoto from Doki Doki made it's debut by Toei. But I thought Milky Rose counts because of her coloured suit Purple / Violet even she's not a real Cure and I alraedy know Cure Moonlight's hair is Purple / Violet but her suit is silver.
  • Cnahna is the sixth precure to have purple / violet eyes followed by Cure Egert / Windy, Cure Dream, Cure Berry and now Cure Sword.
  • Her hairstyle in her precure form is similar to Shiny Luminous.
  • She is the thrid precure warrior to have a purple / violet hair first was Cure Egert / Windy and second Cure Sword.

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