Candy PreCure is the second series of CureVanilla57's PreCure . Note: Names inside brackets are the way they are pronounced in Japanese.


The land of sweets was a peaceful land as it was ruled by Princess Juice . But then 4 days later it was invaded by King Bitter . The Princess did all her best to safe the land but it was no use. She then sent Cream to look for PreCure.


Jutsiya Elina ( Erina) / Cure Cake / Princess Cake

Elina is a crazy girl who refers herself as the K.Y.C.L.A ( Klutz You Can't Look Away) though she is a mega klutz . She has a twin sister named Amelia and they both act the same. She transforms into Cure Cake. Her theme colour is pink.

Jutsiya Amelia (Ameria)/ Cure Chococlate

Amelia is the twin sister of Jutsiya Elina and act like the same as her. Although Elina is a mega klutz, Amelia is not. She does not refer herself as a K.Y.C.L.A . She becomes Cure Chocolate . Her Theme colour is white as she likes white chocolate.

Inieya Yumeko / Cure Vanilla

Yumeko is a shy person who loves vanilla ice-cream . She is quite into science . She is very different to the Jutsiya Twins and she hates mushrooms so whenever you give her a mushroom she'll start screaming in take out two potions to create an Mushroom-Elimination Potion. She becomes Cure Vanilla. Her theme colour is yellow.

Dominiya Mitzi / Choco Mint

Mitzi is a kind girl with parents that own a ice cream factory before becoming Choco Mint she would never accept any other ice cream but her parents ice cream. She is Choco Mint and her theme colour is Green.

Navy Alice/ cure chip she is cool and fun her there colour is cherry


Cure Lolly ( Kyua Rorii ) The PreCure Transformation Device

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