Royal Candy

Royal Candy

Personal Information
Hair ColorYellow (Royal Candy)
Eye ColorDark blue

Cobalt blue (Royal Candy)

Home PlaceMärchenland
RelativesPop (older brother)

Royale Queen (mother)

Alter EgoRoyale Candy
Theme ColorWhite (Royale Candy)
Anime Information
First AppearanceSPCNG01

Candy is a sheep-like fairy, she is the supporting mascots in Smile Precure! New Generation Candy ends her sentences with "kuru~".


Candy has pale pink (almost white) fur, with two curly yellow pigtail-like ears held with pink bows. Her eyes are dark blue, with yellow markings in the shape of wings near her eyes. She has pink and yellow heart-shaped markings on her forehead as well. Her arms and legs are stubby, and she has a frilled pink collar around her neck. Her tail is yellow and curly, like her ears.


Personality wise, Candy is very girly and is very fond of fashionable stuff. She also likes to dress herself up and style her ears in different fashions.

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