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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Sayaka Nakaya User:Sailor Bubbles User:Sailor Bubbles 1:30 (TV Version) {{{6}}}

CHALLENGE! Kawaii Pretty Cure! (チャレンジ!かわいいプリキュア! Charenji! Kawaii Purikyua!) is the opening song for Kawaii Pretty Cure!. It started airing from Episode One on February 8, 2015.


  • Cure Sweetheart
  • Cure Charming
  • Cure Precious
  • Cure Darling
  • Cure Dear

TV Size Version

Japanese Romaji Translation


Yami o Charenji! Hikari o Charenji!
Kawairashi-sa dokidoki! Purikyua!

Challenge the darkness! Challenge the light! 
Pounding cuteness! Pretty Cure!

私は、キュア スイートハート愛と正義と変換されます!

Watashi wa, Kyua Suītohāto ai to seigi to henkan sa remasu!

I, Cure Sweetheart, will transform with love and justice!

Tears of life give birth to new hearts
who will soon adventure out on their own!
(Yes, adventure!)

Full Version


  • In the opening during the versus, it shows Cure Lovely and Cure Princess's silhouettes which represents that they are appearing in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! on February 2, 2014.