Daishi no purikyua wa daredesu ka? Furawātaun no kensaku.
Change! Pretty Cure! episode 16
"Who is Fourth Pretty Cure? Search in Flower Town."
Air date April 17, 2016
Episode Guide
Opening Yes! Change! Let's Go!
Ending Mysterious Night
Directed by MoonlightRainbow
Written by MoonlightRainbow

 Who is Fourth Pretty Cure? Search in Flower Town is 16th episode of Change! Pretty Cure!


Search for fourth Pretty Cure continues! Since they are all from Flower Town they decided that they will try to find someone who they think could be. As each of them find one that think could be Yataro and Ruai tell them that Cure will appear alone when time will be right.


More coming soon...


  • Harukaze Momoko/Cure Orchid
  • Misaki Yurika/Cure Sunflower
  • Hinagi Rei/Cure Daisy
  • Yataro
  • Ruai
  • Aika
  • Diffuro
  • Agura
  • Marione 
  • Harukaze Ichigo
  • Mirane Madoka
  • Kirakige Runa
  • Mikoto Eri

Pretty Cure canidates

Each of three girls find one girl who they think might be fourth cure. Candidates are:

Major Events

  • Each of girls found one person who they think might be pretty cure.
  • Yataro and Ruai told girls that they should stop worry about who is fourth pretty cure and wait for her to appear when time is right.
  • At the end of episode Andrea appear for the first time.


  • This episode is maybe a bit similiar to episode 12 of Suite Pretty Cure in which Hibiki and Kanade were trying to find out who is Cure Muse and each of them found one girl who they think might be.

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