Bye Bye Happy Days! (バイバイ ハッピーデイズ! Bai Bai Happī Deizu!?) is the second ending song for Happy Days Pretty Cure!. It started airing from episode 24.


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TV Size Version

Japanese Romaji Translation
泣かないで 今日は旅立ちの日

しばらく会えなくても ずっとずっと友達だよね?

Nakanaide, kyou wa tabidachinohi.

Shibaraku aenakute mo, zutto zutto tomodachida yo ne?

Don’t cry, today we’re going on a trip.

Even though we won’t see each other for a while We’ll always always be friends.


進む道は違っても 夢はあきらめちゃダメ!

Min'na ni deaete yokatta.

Susumu michi wa chigatte mo, yume wa akiramechadame!

I’m so glad to have met you all

Even if we may go separate ways Don’t give up on your dreams

最後のチャイム まだ鳴らさないで


Saigo no chaimu, mada narasanaide.

Zutto kakushite ita kono kimochi tsutaetai...shinkokyuu!

Don’t let the final chime ring

I’ve always hid these feelings but With a deep breath I’ll let you know

バイバイバイ 涙拭いてサヨナラ ほら未来が手招いてる

一緒に過ごした ハッピーデイズ! 時計はもう戻せないから

ゆっくり前を歩いてゆこう  曲がりくねった道の向こう

これからも続く ハッピーデイズ! ありがとう また会う日まで

BAI BAI BAI namida fuite sayonara.

Hora mirai ga te maneite iru. Issho ni sugoshita HAPPI DEIZU!

Tokei wa mou modosenaikara yukkuri mae o aruite yukou.

Magarikunetta michi no mukou, korekara mo tsuzuku HAPPI DEIZU.

Arigatou mataauhimade. Mataauhimade. Mataauhimade.

Bye Bye Bye Wipe your tears and say goodbye See, the future is calling us The times we had together were Happy Days!

I won’t give back that time Let’s take our time and go forward

To the other side of the zigzagging road From here on will be more Happy Days So thank you until the day we meet again Until the day we meet again

Characters (Order of Appearence)

  • Nori Junko/ Cure Monday
  • Niwa Suzume/ Cure Wednesday
  • Tatsuya Shina/ Cure Thursday
  • Takara Oki/ Cure Tuesday
  • Fujisaki Rena/ Cure Friday
  • Nakamura Yuko/ Cure Saturday
  • Week
  • Yoda Miku/ Cure Sunday


  • This song is a real song that is performed by KARA and is not created by Cure Lucky.

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