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Burning Red Star
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Burning Red Star (バーニングレッドスター Bāningu Reddo Sutā?) is Cure Crimson's main attack from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~.


First Cure Crimson appears before a red background with holding her left arm in front of her chest. With her right hand, she draws a orange pentagram while calling: "Pretty Cure". Then she punches the pentagram towards the enemy. The pentagram then appears under the enemies feet. Then she calls "Burning Red Star!" And the pentagram releases fire to the sky, burning and defeating the enemy.



Cure Crimson: プリキュアバーニングレッドスター!


Cure Crimson: Purikyua Bāningu Reddo Sutā!


Cure Crimson: Pretty Cure Burning Red Star!


  • This is Cure Crimson's second attack which uses the word "burning" the first was Red Burning.
  • This is the first attack where the user draws a pentagram.


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