Break! Pretty Cure the Movie: REMIX of Hope (映画: ブレイク!プリキュア:希望のREMIX Eiga: Bureiku! PuriKyua: Kibou no REMIX) is the movie for Break! Pretty Cure. It is directed by Starmix03 and this is her first non crossover movie.


Natsuki and friends found a mysterious book called "The Adventures of DJ Beat". The book glows and the Cures went inside the book. They are inside the book! Soon, something strange happens, there were some mysterious villains. But luckily, someone saved them. She was DJ Beat... as a Pretty Cure? 


Honohara Natsuki/Cure DJ

Mizuki Kanako/Cure Rap

Hoshimiya Ami/Cure Dubstep

Honohara Sakura/Cure Remix

DJ Beat/Cure Break (Movie Exclusive)

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