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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Kira Art lottery!

    April 25, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan

    Following in Aijihi's footsteps, I've decided to start this lottery! The winner will get a Hand Drawn picture created by me! The rules are pretty much the same as Aijihi's. So I will chose a random number on
    Monday, May 1st, 2017 via number generator!

    Examples of my (hand drawn) work:
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  • OmegaPri

    Going back to LOL

    April 19, 2017 by OmegaPri

    I finally have intrest in my series LOL. Before, I was going to do it in March around Ai's birthday. But then, I didn't want too.

    I still will make PDF episodes, just not so frequently. So yeah...... bye~

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  • Aijihi

    Art Lottery!

    April 18, 2017 by Aijihi

    This week I will be taking one random art request to force myself to practice and make use of the random sketches I've done. Yes, this includes written descriptions and art done with bases, things I normally don't take. Please be sure to list what character you're entering. 

    Anyone who comments will be given a number, and then Friday the 21st, I will select a winner via random number generator. 


    8 total entries were accepted and given a number, be it physically or just in my head, and from the number generator, number 6, aka Cure Pink, won!

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  • Hickmanm

    Big News!!!!

    April 10, 2017 by Hickmanm

    Hi everyone!!! I've got awesome news and guess what, I'm releasing an album focusing on covers of songs that I sing and an original song by me with another three bonus tracks. Here is the front cover and tracklist:

    However, due to the number of songs, it maybe released in a few months so I'll update this blog with more info soon~

    14 / 04 / 2017 - I finally have a sample of "Love~ Sky~ Miracle~, here it is:

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    CCPCG Sequel?

    April 9, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan
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  • FairySina

    Fairy Presents!

    April 7, 2017 by FairySina

    Alright, my first "Fairy Presents!" blog, and probably the only one! :D With this blog, I want to show you on going stories I'm working on besides Sky Pretty Cure! And with on going stories I mean stories that are actually meant to become something big, rather than for the fun of creating stories, characters, relationships (that's like 99.9 % I do on this wiki xD Sky is mostly on the Sky Pretty Cure Wiki).

    Let's have a quick look at other anime based stories I am working on!

    As the name can tell, this was actually planned as a magical girl parody but developed into a promising story about young girl fighting evil this the power of their hearts (and favorite sweets).

    Okay, for all KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode fans out there, I created Chubby Ut…

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  • CureDessert

    I need help.

    April 7, 2017 by CureDessert

    I neep help :L Grammar!! Grammar IS NIGHTMAREEE!!

    I'm very very very bad at grammar. So I need someone to help to correct my grammar :L Credits? Don't worry! I always credit someone helping me.... poll, please!

    Thank you. Lol

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  • CureDessert

    Nice To Meet You...

    April 6, 2017 by CureDessert

    Nice to meet you! I'm CureDessert. Yes. Matte... Purikyua Hajimechaimashita?!, nope, i'm not being a Pretty Cure, but soon I will be an author! Yes! Well, nice to meet you, I hope we can meet again soon...


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  • FairySina

    Some reasons why Sky Pretty Cure can't be done by Toei.

    And I don't mean the "fan series" part of Sky Pretty Cure. Looking at Sky withough judging if it is a fan series or not, there are many things that hit your eye and you feel like: "Toei would never do that".

    1. Four seasons
      No Pretty Cure season has had more than two seasons and Toei even announced that they won't do any more sequels after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
    2. Ammount of Pretty Cure
      Toei has shown us in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! that they can make many Cures but are terribly bad at working with them. Also, the main team of Pretty Cure has never more than six members. Yet, Sky Pretty Cure has eight.
    3. Deep Backstory
      Everything in Sky Pretty Cure has a big backstory. The powers of the Pretty Cures,…
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  • SAYkokoro

    I know ever one here has their top 3 or top 5 favourite real Pretty Cure, but who is everyone's favourite fanmade Pretty Cure? One that was originally created in a fanseries like all the ones in this fandom! For me, I have one ultimate favourite Pretty Cure. 

    Mei Tarano/Cure Daisy. I know this one particular fanseries has been remade or changed a bit, but I love the Mei Tarano on the Season Touch Wiki. I love her background, her first love in the fairytale book she would read, how she fell in love, and her clumsy, but kind character that, no matter what, she can always see the good in people--and, of course, the fanart is amazing!

    I would love to hear what your guys' favourite fanmade Pretty Cure--could be one or more--and I'd love to know w…

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  • AisuShironami

    Hey guys! So, since few weeks ago, I have not contributed to the wiki because of several reasons. First, I went to Bali for 1 week and I didn't bring my laptop because I really want to take a break from editing etc and just enjoy the tropical island. Second, I'm too caught up in watching Korean Dramas. I KNOW. I think I once mentioned that I watched Goblin on the chat, but after that I got addicted (the similar way I got addicted to anime) and watched other series.

    And now, I'm happily to annouce that the second season of Majestic Pretty Cure!  is here!

    I know I said I'll create the page AFTER I finished all episode summary for the first season. But I just cannot wait to write everything down and share it with you guys! So, with 20 more epis…

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  • Aijihi

    Art Request Notice

    April 1, 2017 by Aijihi

    I will make this clear here and now since it seems like this wikia seems to be having a problem recently: I will not tolerate any sort of art theft and will out any stolen work I see without a second thought. Seriously, we've had two different people come on personally requesting their stolen art be removed within the past month.

    If you have ever stolen any art, I will never take a request from you, no ifs, ands, or buts, and I do not care if you’ve “drawn this one yourself”. You’ve broken my trust, so why should I ever believe you again? If you want me to draw someone else's character, that's fine, but don't pretend it's your friggen character. I suggest all others who take requests take up the same policy, and if this crap keeps up I will…

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  • Ringo Moon


    March 24, 2017 by Ringo Moon

    Minna! Konnichiwa, my name is RingoMoon (Just call me Ringo). I've recently joined this wiki!! Nice to meet you !!!

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  • PrincessAire


    March 22, 2017 by PrincessAire

    Hello! I'm PrincessAire and I've just recently joined this wikia! I've made a lot of Pretty Cure series in another wikia, and I plan on putting some of them here!

    Hope you guys can bear with me for the rest of my wikia life xD.

    (Plus, I leave you with this question, what is your favorite official Pretty Cure series and who is your favorite Cure? Mine is GoPri if it isn't obvious in the title yet xD, but my favorite Cure out of all the Cures is Cure Scarlet)

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  • SAYkokoro

    Which PreCure Are You?

    March 17, 2017 by SAYkokoro

    I have taken those quizes a hundred times: which "series" precure are you quiz? The one PreCure in each respectable season is the most like you. I went onto every season and took the quizzes. This is what I got:

    • Max Heart: Honoka Yukishiro/CureWhite
    • Splash Star: Mai Mishou/Cure Egret
    • Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!: Urara Kasugano/Cure Lemonade
    • Fresh: Love Momozono/Cure Peach
    • HeartCatch: Erika Kurumi/Cure Marine
    • Suite: Ellem Kurokawa/Cure Beat
    • Smile: Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy
    • DokDoki!: Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta
    • HappinessCharge: Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess
    • Go! Princess: Haruka Haruno/Cure Flora
    • Maho Girls: Kotoha Hanami/Cure Felice
    • KiraKira A La Mode: Akira Kenjo/Cure Chocolat

    Kind of a mishmash if you ask me. A bit of pink, a bit of blue, a bit of every colou…

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  • Aijihi

    It's just as the title says: what's your least-favorite Pretty Cure design? You don't have to think that they're ugly and this could even just be an upgraded form for a certain Cure(s), more or less anything goes here. Heck, you could still love their design but just have one or two things about it that rub you the wrong way.

    Try and stick to only cannon Cures, unless you really feel like talking about one of your series. 

    If I had to pick one, I'd say it'd be Cure Berry. I don't think she's ugly or anything, but her design just feels a bit cheap, even with the series' overall simpler outfits. Because of that, she's a pain to redesign while making sure the new outfit still looks like her.  

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  • Yumesuzuki


    March 13, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    Hi, everyone, my name is Yume. I am a new user here. Nice to meet everyone, if I did anything wrong please tell me. Thanks!!--Yumesuzuki (talk) 20:04, March 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Japanesenerd247

    Hey! I'm Japanesenerd247, but you can just call me Japan-chan! Anyway, let's just get down to the basics: these blog posts will appear twice a week, so be sure to catch them! Alright, time to begin! What are your thoughts on Kirakira Precure a la Mode? What's your favorite character? Have any ideas? If you have any ideas, be sure to post them on my message wall, and I'll read your ideas! I'll help out with the person who I think has the best idea! Alright, thanks for reading this post for those Precure lovers out there! See ya soon. Oh, and a couple more things!: If you want to chat with me, post it on my message wall. and I'll be sure to respond! Also, irf you have any questions, be sure to post them also on my message wall also, okay? By…

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Internet hardship

    March 12, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan

    My internet is on its last leg so I can't be on the wiki often. Sorry!

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  • CureLightning

    Hey y'all. I was wondering if anyone shares a birthday with a fan Cure on here. I don't know if I share a birthday with a fan Cure but if anyone knows, that would be great! My birthdays is January 26th~

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  • AisuShironami

    Its only been a few days since I annouce the making of season 2. And thankfully, I already gotten used to the crazy world of high school (well, at least in my country), I'm able to spare some time to edit and create new pages, especially episode pages on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. And with that, I have FINALLY finished to write the summary for half of the season!

    With that mark, I also began to brainstorm some ideas like names, plots and things to put on the second season. Wait, did I just say spoiler? YUP! The first spoiler you'll get now is the BRAND NEW PRETTY CURE! I won't tell her real name / birth name yet, but she is going to be a fire using cure. Sooo excited!

    I already come up with her birth name. But, I still having a hard time choo…

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    News for CCPCG!

    March 1, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan

    So.. I already have made 30+ pictures for Candy Crystal Precure Go! and I haven't gone 3 days without making a new one... So I will have to resort to REAL bases. (Don't worry. They will be made by me.) I will finish Cure Limey and Cure BonBon using my current methods. But I will use bases for their school uniforms.

    Also, I have shortened CCPCG from 51 episodes, to 32 episodes. Just because I don't think I can make 50 different episodes.

    Any other questions? Feel free to ask.

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  • CureLightning

    Big news, well kinda

    February 28, 2017 by CureLightning

    Hi guys! Just in case you didn't know, I'm new here and I have several fanseries that I can't wait to share with you. Tomorrow, I plan to create the pages for my series. The character pages will come later on. Unfortunately, I don't have digital drawings of my Cures at the moment so those will come later. I can't wait to hear your feedback on my series! Have a wonderful day or evening!

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  • FairySina

    Questions: Ask the Author!

    February 27, 2017 by FairySina

    As I had a random idea once again, I thought I might make this one real! even tho I doubt that more people will pay attention to this than to my other posts *sigh*

    So this is bascially about me, FairySina, and the Sky Pretty Cure Series. There are a lot of things that I consider as normal and "sure, how else should it be", but on the other hand, I never wrote it down anywhere. So this here, you have the chance to ask me anything about Sky Pretty Cure, the generations, the spin-off seasons and the 5th season. If you have any questions, just come at me >u< I'll be happy to tell you.

    hmm.... am I going to tell you Low's future job.... I don't know yet xD

    But please remember that this is about Sky Pretty Cure and only Sky Pretty Cure (and the above ment…

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  • Cure Merci

    The Pink Cure of the Month

    February 27, 2017 by Cure Merci
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  • Cure Merci

    Pink Birthday

    February 27, 2017 by Cure Merci

    Paige Fujiko -July 6th

    Hanano Sakura-May 2nd

    Koshokukoi Rubellit -January 1st

    Himitsu Aiko -October 18th

    Yuina Akagawa -February 17th

    ​Akari Magenta -July 30

    ​Nemu Yozora-April 9th

    ​Akaino Kokoro-July 7th

    ​Imari Suzukawa-March 17th

    Fujimi Nadeshiko- March 20th

    Maeshima Ami-November 22nd

    Aihara Kaori- November 27th

    Aihara Utau -June 5th

    Queen Haruka- April 10th

    Hanayama Sakura-October 15th

    Charlotte Aisaku -July 29th

    Amai Lotte-January 30t

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  • AisuShironami

    I finally decided...


    I actually already plan this for a few weeks while working on Majestic Pretty Cure! and Arcana Pretty Cure! series. I was like, "I think I need a cure with *no spoiler* power..." And so! I decided to make a second season from my first series.

    Why don't just put it in Arcana PreCure that I just started? Because that series already has a definite plan and I have no intention on adding another cure to that team right now. And Arcana PreCure is not actually a team of power-based cures, they all represents something but their powers or attacks are not like flower attacks or ice or water etc like Majestic PreCure. Why don't just make a new series? I only come up with one cure. I do…

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  • FairySina

    For anyone who's been at one of my other wikis, they know what this is about. Now, for everyone: I want to introduce the Fandom Of Pretty Cure Wiki's personal Cure Wiki!
    I've worked on her the whole day and now I can present her to you, as I finally designed her! Very well everyone, say hello to , aka
    The Supporting Pink Flower, Cure Wiki!
    Cure Wiki will slowly take over the "Fairy Tutorials" I created a time ago. Basically, Cure Wiki's major job on this wiki will be to help new users finding their way through the chaos of this fandom. I will update her information on this subpage whenever there's something new about her. At the moment, well, she is just Cure Wiki without characteristics. But it will come ~

    I'm also going to upload …

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  • KiraKira-Chan


    February 19, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan

    Sparkle stars conversation

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  • FairySina

    Sky Pretty Cure 2017

    February 18, 2017 by FairySina

    After I (finally) finished the transformation poses of Sky Pretty Cure, I can go on with whatelse I want to do or have planned to do in 2017 for the series.

    First of all, I'm gonna start another redraw of the Sky Pretty Cure (main) characters. I have already planned some poses and unlike the other years, I will mainly use references instead of bases, which I've been doing since a long time already. I will also change some minor details of the character's designs as well as (finally) drawing the character profiles for Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! and The Final Sky Pretty Cure. In addition, I will hopefully draw minor character profiles and villains.

    Then, I'm planning on maybe finishing the series. As I have finished Sky Pretty Cure and Rainbow Star in 201…

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  • FairySina

    I Seriously Have Enough

    February 17, 2017 by FairySina

    I seriously have enough of that stupid category creating thing some users keep on. We have enough categories on this wiki! If you don't believe me, just look at the Category:Cures. It has 51 sub categories... 51! And that's just because you keep creating a category for every single thing!

    "Light Green Cures" instead of "Green Cures"... =.= Who cares if it is green or light green? Green is green! And this wiki is not an art course. Because if it was, I would ask you: "Light green, WHAT LIGHT GREEN? Lime, Mantis? What light green!".

    Listen to me, you don't need a category for every single thing! Just live with what's given. Also, if you need a new category, which I higly doubt will ever happen, check first if a similar category doesn't exist already!…

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  • Tt02

    Hey guys! Today I was able to find the full raw version of the new Pretty Cure season and I have to say I was impressed! After Mahou Tsukai, I was more than ready for a new season. Not that the previous season was horrible, but it was incredibly cliche and boring throughout the series (though the final three episodes tugged at my heart strings so much though ;-;). 

    To begin with, the animation is terrific. It is not as rough or confusing like what happend to Mahou, and the sequence of events ran rather smoothly. In such a short time phrame, a lot of depth in character was already revealed as well as quiet a lot of time with the battle and exploration of this universe's world.

    For characters, I love how unique they are making the characters, …

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  • Hickmanm

    HI EVERYONE! It's me and I've got a huge surprise for you! Basically, I'm going to be fandubbing my Floretta Pretty Cure! Series and I need help. CureHibiki is also helping with the role of Mikan'boshi Alani/Cure Aloe as she stated on Alani's page a while ago.

    Here are the roles (Roles with a strike through them means they are taken):

    • Hanayama Iris/Cure Romatin (Voiced by Me)
    • Mikan'boshi Alani/Cure Aloe (Voiced by CureHibiki)
    • Aozora Mizu/Cure Myrtille
    • Harukaze Sakura/Cure Primavera
    • Junsuina Akari/Cure Innocente
    • Phlox
    • Cure Ciara
    • Noir
    • Blanko
    • Naranja

    More roles wil be coming soon!

    Anyway, you have to send auditions to my Gmail please, here it is:

    Please do not send any spam messages!

    Thank you for your help ^^


    I've been a fan of Precu…

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Anyone have any questions about Candy Crystal Precure Go? Here is the discussion!

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  • OmegaPri

    LOL Pretty Cure Sequal?!

    January 23, 2017 by OmegaPri

    That's right! There's going to be another season of LOL! If you don't know the series, look it up on the wiki. This season will have much more drama then Season 1, as it's going Cupid~ The new season is call LOL Pretty Cure! Cupid~ The Cures will go all out with love by making romance and make everyone feel happy! There's a new evil and, even more cures?! And their Love Cures just like Ai, Haruka, and Star?! That's imposible! Or is it?

    Now this is a warning. This season will have more sexual content then seaosn 1. So like adult I guess. And new guys, boyfriend material~ 

    So, that's the news. Thoughts? Anyways, bye~!

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  • LeenaCandy

    Prism Power Pretty Cure!

    January 15, 2017 by LeenaCandy

    Since I was in hiatus for a few months because of Prism Power Pretty Cure!. Especially for the Cures, I can't replace the names Fukaikawa Mizumi, Tengoku Kaori, Doteki Aya, and Densetsu Nika because the names are searched by Google translate. This would be hardened but I can do anyhing for my best. So I was editing for the IDOL Street Pretty Cure! Seasons that will based from.😪

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  • OmegaPri

    LOL Pretty Cure Episodes

    January 12, 2017 by OmegaPri

    They do take a long time to make and think about but... i'm thinking about just summarizing. The season will only have 27 EPISODES!! There's a reason... I just can't tell you yet. Anyways, the episode will be sumarized. I also have a wiki for my series. If you want, i'll link it.

    Thats pretty much it... bye~

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  • Ailiva Champ

    Well, 2017 is finally here! Well, Happy New Year! ^^ Please let us hope KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode be a good season! ^^

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  • MoonlightRainbow

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2017 by MoonlightRainbow

    2017 has finally arrived. Happy New Year everyone! :D Let's hope a lot of good things will happen and that Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode will be great season. 

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  • Haruno Haruka

    What a nice photo!

    December 30, 2016 by Haruno Haruka
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  • Sakamoto Haruko

    There are many cute pictures. Let's see!

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  • MoonlightRainbow

    Merry Christmas!

    December 24, 2016 by MoonlightRainbow

    Merry Christmas everyone! 

    It's hard to believe how fast time goes and it's this time of year again :D I hope you'll all enjoy your holidays. 

    Since this is Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki I felt like we should celebrate with pretty cure chirstmas songs :)

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  • FairySina

    I saw this meme on Tumblr and just had to do it! But I couldn't post it on tumblr, as it wouldn't fit there at all. So, I decided to share this meme with this fandom wiki ~

    You can fill it with your favorite ships, your own ships, etc.

    Please don't use it for other people's orignal ships, as you might not have the actual headcanons for those ships. But ANY other ship is allowed, from Pretty Cure, PriPara, Aikatsu, Love Live!! or what other animes you know.

    Here's the meme:

    • Ship:
    1. falls asleep on the couch
    2. makes friends with the neighbors
    3. is the adventurous eater
    4. hogs the covers at night
    5. forgets to do the dishes
    6. tries to surprise their partner more often
    7. leaves dirty laundry on the floor
    8. stays up til 2 AM reading
    9. sings in the shower
    10. takes the selfies
    11. plans…
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  • Ailiva Champ

    Yes! The cures are finally revealed! Look at them! I'm guessing the cure names will be: Cure Bunny (Pink), Cure Squirrel (Yellow), Cure Lion (Blue), Cure Kitty (Purple), and Cure Fox (Red)

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  • LynnMurage187

    How are you!

    December 3, 2016 by LynnMurage187

    Are you Okey!

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  • AisuShironami

    Hi! I'm the creator of [Majestic Pretty Cure!] series. I just want to let you all know that Majestic Pretty Cure is still on the track and are not finished yet. However, I am terribly sorry for not editing or adding contents or update any new episodes lately (well...since a few months ago though).

    I am currently very busy with school because I'm on my first year of high school and damn it's really much harder than middle school. My school also located very far away from my house (I need to take the train to go there) and the academic standards are really high. It's really hard to catch up. And of course, like any other schools, homework and tests are everyday.

    Second, my laptop is 'broken'. I still able to use it though, but all data such as…

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  • Cure Ageha

    Okay so, I've been thinking about this idea for a while. Basically it's a remake of Love Live! where μ's would become precures instead of school idols to save their school. of course, there'll be changes here and there in terms of story and characterization since precure and school idols are different.

    Here's the summary I have so far:

    Due the repetitive monster attacks recurring around Otonokizaka, the school lost a lot of students and was now on the brink of closure. Kousaka Honoka couldn't stand watching her beloved school disappeared so she and her friends tried to find a way to save it. During her search, she was caught up in a incident in Akihabara and saw a group of Precures, the Precure-RISE. Upon seeing the Precures, she then found …

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  • FairySina


    November 12, 2016 by FairySina

    Hello everyone,

    This is a Sky Pretty Cure update blog.

    After I have been told about Taneda Risa's hiatus yesterday, I decided to look for a replacement for Amber. You may have known (or not, but your do know it now), that Taneda Risa was Mikanki Amber's dream seiyuu. Which means that the creator (me, in this case) thought that her voice would fit this character.

    All in all would the hiatus not hit the Sky Pretty Cure Series directly. However as it is unknown if Taneda-san will return or when she will. As Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season 'airs' in 2017, I decided to have a worst-case plan just in case Taneda-san is gone for a longer time.

    I've been searching seiyuus that have either a similar voice as Taneda-san or have a voice that would a…

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  • Aijihi

    It's exactly as the title says; trading unused ideas, or even just giving them away between each other. This started because I have an idea I really, really like that started as an idea relating to one of the cannon seasons. However, the idea can easily be worked to virtually any season, and really would work off as a new season’s element. But since I’ve tied myself down to SSPC, I don’t have anything to use it for, and I’d hate to see it go to waste.

    If plenty of people have this issue, then it might be work making a forum where people can post their unused ideas that others can pick up and use. I don’t know if it’d be actually workable, so I’d like to check general interest first. I figured it’d be a better way to give away ideas without …

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  • SAYkokoro

    Okay so Halloween is just around the corner and I bet everyone is ready with their customs to begin the hunt for a pillow-full of candy and chocolate that will keep you up for days. Personally, I stopped going trick-or-treating a few years ago and now I just chill out and watch Halloween movies all night. ANYWAYS! I decided one day while I was mediating in my garden that I should discuss a certain Halloween-themed Pretty Cure fanseries.

    To those of you who have been on Pretty Cure Fandom for quite a long time, I think you know I’m talking about the one and only Pretty Cure Monster Mania created by MonoTheMonochrome. Now, I happened to be a big fan of Mono on (which is awesomely being rewritten) and have also read her other known a…

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