• CureLightning

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! Or rather long time no blog post XD I have an exciting announcement to make regarding Sweet Nature Precure! I'm just finishing up adding kanji for the characters on the main page which means I'm going to start adding the episodes to the wiki as well as roll out more characters! I also will get the pictures eventually which is awesome too. I'm looking forward to what's to come on here and I hope you do too!


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  • StrawberryDreamer

    Hello guys! Okay, I just offline for like a 8 days or 1 week. I was busy there, and I can't update any of page. Today, I just remebered this wiki and make this blog. But wait. I'm sorry I will hiatus for a week for now. Apologize me, I'm so busy ;w; If you have any messages for me, probably I will not answering ya guys. And something changes... 7,084 PAGES?! ARE YOU...YOU SERIOUS??? *WE NEED A VACUM CLEANER!* *OH NO WE DONT HAVE IT* *THE CHAOS IS COMING*

    And apologize myself again ;w;

    Well, stay positive! ^^ Goodbye!

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  • Aijihi

    Art Contest

    August 15, 2017 by Aijihi

    After completely messing up the previous journal through means that is beyond me, I just decided to make a new blog with the link to the info while I deal with that:

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  • AkihsulKaz

    Hello! So, I've been adding in info for SHPC for a while now, and I decided to go give you a preview of Episode 1!

    ~???, few months ago~

    Third Person POV

    The land was full of chaos. Everything was dark and filled with monsters. A young woman lays weak in front of a tall, slim man, his grin screaming evil in every way. The standing figure spoke, “It’s all over now, princess. I shall take over this land, and then the entire universe!” his voice was deep and menacing. The female gritted her teeth in disgust, clenching her fists on the ground as the man laughed.

    “You are never getting away with this, Venom,” the princess tried to stand up, but failed. Venom laughed once more. “How are you supposed to beat me? Your parents are gone, and those stupi…

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  • Cure Kohaku

    I might be gone...

    August 4, 2017 by Cure Kohaku

    Hey guys. So, as some of you know, I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow. My plane takes off at 7 am, and I'm getting up at 4 am. I'll be gone for 10 days, from August 5 to August 15.

    Hopefully I'll find some time to connect to the Internet and come here and chat with you guys. However, Spring and Twinkling will be on hiatus during that time, sorry.

    I'll also be in Los Angeles for some of the time, so maybe I can send some pictures!

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  • StrawberryDreamer

    Good News :D

    August 1, 2017 by StrawberryDreamer



    • Mini update at Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    • New Article at Monday and Friday

    FINALLY THE TIME HAAAS COMEEE! I CAN UPDATE 1 POST PER A DAY! (except at Saturday and Sunday also except for 7 Aug)

    Yes I'm still going to the school, but I have 3 hrs-6 hrs free after school! So I will use 1 hr to play some games, 1 hrs doing something that not really important and the rest I will use for making an update or a new article in this wiki!! ^^

    Well guys I hope you stay tuned to my series and stay calm X3 (For someone wonder why I'm not updating 1 post at Saturday and Sunday, in that day I've always busy, but maybe I just log-in ...for a badge.)


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  • Japanesenerd247

    Hey, Hey, Hey!

    July 31, 2017 by Japanesenerd247

    Hey, Japan-chan here! Sorry I kept you waiting. I was very busy lately, but I'm available now! So, Cure Parfait has FINALLY come out, so what are your thoughts on her? Like her? Hate her? To be honest, I'm quite impressed! Cure Parfait is so amazing! Anyway, on to the serious stuff. I do have a week until I begin high school for the first time. I'm so nervous! To anyone who's in high school, I need some advice! I also updated the episode page for Perfect Gem Precure! Be sure to check it out! So, guess what, guys! Candy-chan and Kira-chan are BACK!! I'm so happy! I'm also quite a songwriting expert, and I can help with ANYONE. Anyone at all! If ya need help, "Lemmy" know (see what I did there? Har-har!)! Okay, enough. I have to go now! Bye!

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  • AisuShironami

    new series?

    July 30, 2017 by AisuShironami

    Hey guys! How are you? It's been quite some time since I contribute in this wiki (except those once-a-day for a badgeXD). Some of you may know that I already started school and I'm currently a sophomore. School has been really hard and tiring so that is why I'm on a on-and-off-hiatus. Other reasons are because I'm busy contributing in a collab series in Fandom of Idols Wiki which is totally hyped right now.

    Before continuing, I know I just said that school has been keeping me up. BUT, the god of ideas shines me an idea of new series. Wait, series? Yeah, I think it will be like East Light Pretty Cure and West Star Pretty Cure which the story are connected. But this time it will be sort of different, I think.

    I'm still in the middle of working…

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  • LeenaCandy

    This time that I am in three or four years in this wiki. I was getting ashame but I don't know that I am create my new past generation seasons, seasons are based only from Rede Globo or any telenovela that fits in. Also the Enchanteur Pretty Cure Series, loosely based on a perfume.

    Since I created Rede Globo-like seasons as Pretty Cure Globeleza, which the theme of nature, glitters, and Brazilian style. And Alto Astral! Pretty Cure! has more on sky and music while the subs are rainbows, angels, anf friendship.

    PreAlto was postponed to air after Doki Doki Heartbrand! Pretty Cure for focusing my KaraHatsu series. Since I was no to create Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure! and the Prism Power Pretty Cure! Series, my 35 Prism Power Cure are created a revamp to fi…

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  • Aijihi

    That's a funny feeling, seeing how old (and bad) your stuff was.

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  • StrawberryDreamer

    Hi, It's me, StrawberryDreamer. So... someone who don't know me, I'm new like 1 month ago... Let's get into the topic...

    I'm planning for my best Pretty Cure season (for me..)! Yeah, it's Idol Live! Pretty Cure, For you who is excited, go read the summary first, and every week I promise I will update atleast 1 page. So why I said this, "best"? Yeah, I just thought my ideas were good enough, so I call this "best" (apologize my arrogant-styles, I'm just too excited for this...) ..why I'm making an idol season? Yeah it makes no sense with Pretty Cure but I JUST LOVE IDOLS.


    • FIRST SEASON (Idol Live! Pretty Cure)

    The first season is about a girl who wants to be an idol because she is watching someone's live show and she's inspired. H…

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  • CureLightning

    Hey everyone, Lightning-chan here! I don't think I've hinted at it yet, but I'm going to add my OCs from the canon series here! I already added Yurikawa Yousei here today but Natsuki and Onpu will be arriving soon!

    For the longest time, I thought about making canon series OCs just for fun and thankfully, class is my time to create and design these cuties! I personally really love them and I hope you do too. Feel free to guess what seasons Onpu and Natsuki are from, if you want to cheat go to my page XD

    As for Sweet Nature, I'm finally finishing getting kanji up and the episode list and characters are not too far behind! Stay tuned~

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  • Aijihi

    Sketch Requests

    July 14, 2017 by Aijihi

    Currently I'm doing a self-imposted art bootcamp of sorts, so I'l be taking characters to sketch. Please note, I'm not going to be doing any good pictures, it'll be a lot of head shots, hand poses, facial expressions, complex poses, etc. and all done on lined paper. Nothing will be really finished, nothing will look very good since I'll be trying to challenge myself, and all of it will be practice sketches. I'm mostly looking for male characters, aka I will almost surely use them, though I'll take females as well.

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  • SAYkokoro

    Hey guys, it's SAYkokoro! I'm nearly halfway through my fanseries Fairytale Pretty Cure! and I was just curious with favourite characters and all that stuff so I just thought I would make a poll for fun and to see which characters people like more and also making silly polls just for the heck of it! I hope you enjoy :D

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  • FairySina

    I was bored and had nothing to do and have to get back to digitally drawing (since I gotta finish Amber till tomorrow... hopefully...) so I found a transparent png render of Cure Macaron and did a little thing with it:

    So I made a Cure Macaron background. I don't need it because I have my Mew Rubellit background. However, if anyone wants to use it, you are all allowed to use it. No need to tell me or credit, I just edited it after all ~

    Update Also made one for the Movie, with Cure Parfait ~

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  • Aijihi

    Just a thought I had since only of my favorite animes, Yona of the Dawn, is so under the radar in the west it's ridiculous. Honestly, there's nothing ground breaking about the show, it's nothing you haven't seen before (sheltered princess is betrayed and goes out into the wide world to find her destiny and is forced to become stronger, all while being protected by her bishonen bunch) but it's the fact that it just does everything so dang well. It also doesn't pull its punches about how messed up the world can be, but it's never excessive and most of the series is so lighthearted. Even though it's listed as reverse harem in some places, it really isn't because most of her ever-growing group is too pure for this world, while the actual love …

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  • CureDessert


    June 16, 2017 by CureDessert

    Okay... so I moved to User:StrawberryDreamer. So the question is... can you delete all of this category page (mine's page!!) Category:Idol Live! Pretty Cure! if you admins can do it. If no...then it's ok but one question: It's kind of a dumb page so...nvm.

    Since I changed to StawberryDreamer, I'm STILL using this account for side series. So... yea. Yep. Y-yeah. But maybe I will online more on that account. If you guys don't want me to change then okay... so I will change my account to StraberryDreamer, important:

    • If you don't believe, ITS REAL ME. Don't worry.
    • StrawberryDreamer will be using my template: Template:Idol Live Pretty Cure Ep. (use it if you want )

    The real reason why I change it's kinda... a new nice idea so I wont get dizzy. So..…

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  • CureInfinity1

    So, I finally finished the first episode of Prism Pretty Cure! which I'm honestly really proud about. If you've been with the series since the very begining (and I mean way back in 2014) then I'm sure you know that I have been procrastinating to finish the FIRST episode for like 3 years now!!! Haha, sorry (T0T) I'm sure you think it shouldn't take that long to finish in the first place, but maybe I achieved the title of proffessional procrstinator lol XD Anyhow since I finally accomplished this task, I thought it would be nice to hear a general opinon on the PPC!1 episode.

    Now, I hope it doesn't sound too much like I want attention or fishing for praise, but really, I would love to hear your guys' opinons and critisism. Feel free to say you…

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  • Aijihi

    Valkyrie Pretty Cure

    June 13, 2017 by Aijihi

    EDIT: The praise is flattering and all, but that wasn't exactly what I was asking for when I posted this. I was trying to pick which Cure should be next, not fish for compliments. The pictures were for context and so people can see what I mean, hopefully giving them an idea as to which Cure they'd want to see next. Valkyrie Cure Sword is almost done so I'll be gathering names of which Pretty Cure I should turn into a Valkyrie/knight girl here. You can list a name or second/third/fourth a Cure someone has already nominated with reply chains. If there's a clear winner, I'll pick her, if there isn't then I'll pick whoever suits my fancy.

    This excludes Kirakira Cures (No nominations for them will count!), since I like to try and merge super for…

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  • FairySina

    I just noticed I do "Adopts" quite a lot on wikia owo.

    Anyway, this time it is about one of my Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode OCs, which I'm worried that I'm unable to develope her well. The character I'm talking about is

    Kurohara Asami

    She needs a new home ;w;

    So little things, after you have adopted her, you can do anything you want. Rename her, include her in one of your seasons, make her an OC for another season. But please do not mark her for deletion after a while. I could have done that as well and well, before deleting the page, maybe look around if there's someone else who like Asami a lot.

    Anyhow, if anyone is interested in adopting the little hamster, please tell me!


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  • CureHibiki

    Pretty self explanatory. I pretty much want you guys here to pick the Pretty Cure song I should sing next on my YouTube channel. Whichever one wins, I will cover and give thanks to whoever said I should sing it in the video itself or in the description/comments.

    1. Ima Koko Kara (Requested by AisuShironami)
    2. Pretty Cure ~Eien no Tomodachi~ (Requested by AisuShironami)
    3. Daisuki ni Berī o Soete (Requested by Hickmanm)
    4. Petit*Party∞Science (Requested by Hickmanm)
    5. Aozora Alright (Requested by Hickmanm)
    6. CAT MEETS SWEETS (Requested by Hickmanm)
    7. Chocolat・Etoile (Requested by Hickmanm)
    8. Yūki ga Umareru Basho (Requested by EzzieAB)
    9. Heart Beat wa Tomaranai! (Requested by myself)

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  • Aijihi

    Category Cleanup

    June 9, 2017 by Aijihi

    I'll be deleting redundant categories/tags over the next few days. For example, I’ll be getting rid of “More fanseries” but leaving up “More Fan Series”. Any other such redundant categories will also be deleted, leaving the largest version up. This has been one of Fairy’s biggest pet peeves about the wikia for a while now, so I figured I’d at least try and put a dent in it. 

    EDIT: And yes, I will do my best to keep a series properly sorted. For example, I might change a tag from "Flower-themed series", which only had one page, to "Flower Themed Series", which has more pages.

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  • SawaiTsukino

    Hi guys, How are you???

    I am a super fan of Pretty Cure Series and I have created a leader Cure for my series that there will be a maximum of 3 members (like Max Heart)

    But ... I'm caught!

    I do not know what to add in her bio.

    Can you guys help me?

    Well ... to help you with the ideas, here's a little bit of my precure story:

    "Her name is Pepita Suitty (yes her name is brazilian) - Pepita is for gold nugget and Suitty is for Sweet

    Her homeland is actually a planet called Rainbow Valley that one day was invaded by a supervillian: "sadness" (I still have not found any proper villain name for her lol), leaving its inhabitants colorless and lifeless. And the girls is fighting sadness that a super villain launched on Earth. And who hates to see people smi…

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  • Cure Kohaku

    Hi guys! I'm here to say that I have a new series, Twinkling Pretty Cure! I will be working on it along with Spring.

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  • CureLightning

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've done a blog post. I have an exciting announcement~ I'm sure that you may know that I don't exactly have pictures for my series yet. I'm going to upload my drawings here once summer begins! And eventually, I'll add digital versions once I learn how to do digital drawings properly. I hope you guys are excited to see my Cures designs!

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  • HungryZabu

    Hey friends! Sorry for my lengthy-and-unannounced absence from this wiki. It only just occurred to me that I finally have the chance to return.  

    For those confused about why I suddenly left, it was a combination of two big reasons; lack of motivation, and school finally catching up to me and destroying most of my spare time. At least I did get a decent break out of it to improve my art, but I think it’s high time I get back into the swing of things. From now on, I’ll probably be on more often, if not basically every day. I’ll likely start off slow but my series are gonna get a few major overhauls soon, and maybe i’ll get off my butt and start writing them proper hhh  

    Anywho, it’s good to be back, I missed you guys! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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  • FairySina

    Hey everyone, welcome to another For Fun blog!

    Like the name says, it is nothing serious and just a little, well... call it game ~

    Yesterday I've been thinking about "In which seasons of the canon season would fit my characters?" So I have been considering the main Cures of Sky Pretty Cure and the 14 canon Pretty Cure seasons.

    Now the question for you: In which season(s) would fit your Pretty Cure character(s)?
    Only canon seasons tho

    My conclusion:

    1. Sadly, there's no Cure that fits in KiraKira⭐Pretty Cure A La Mode, for the very reason that I consider my girls to be adult when KiraKira plays.
    2. Also no Sky Cures in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!. For obvious reasons, plus none of them fit in there.
    3. Koshokukoi Rubellit/Cure Heather would get into Go! Princess…

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  • Aijihi

    To everyone who draws

    May 31, 2017 by Aijihi

    This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and now that I’m an admin, I’ve decided I’d finally act on it. If you draw art here and have other accounts that said art can be found, such as Devianart, Tumblr, Instagram, etc, please post links to those accounts on your profile on this wikia. Although it’s calmed down for now, there have been outbreaks of art theft that crop up every once in a while. I believe doing this will make it much easier to tell who is and isn’t stealing art, since linking to your other accounts shows that you aren’t trying to hide anything, and aren’t afraid of admins possibly contacting the owners of these other accounts to confirm you’re the same person. Otherwise, it is incredibly incriminating if I can …

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  • OmegaPri

    PDF Episodes

    May 27, 2017 by OmegaPri

    I recently just made Episode 18 and 19 of Project Diva Pretty Cure! F Though, I skipped a few. I didn't wanna do Promise Part 2 yet (I already have a plan) but Episode 16, 17, and 18 are pretty blank. Heres' the gernal ideas.

    ​Note: * means that their additional characters in the play.

    Miwa, Naru, Yang, and a few others have been chosen online to perform a drama/play. It's based-off Little Red Riding Hood, Miwa Lead (Little Red), Yang the Wolf, Naru the Wolf's sister*, and many more. Though, the Trio (Kai, Dai, and Gizmo) "had" to put a virus online. This virus was the Wolf.

    That's the general idea or what I have. Any ideas?

    Nichibotsu Junior High 7th graders have a field trip. That grade consist the Pretty Cures. They all go to Nichibotsu Hig…

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  • Aijihi

    I am an admin now.

    May 26, 2017 by Aijihi

    Fear me. Rawr.

    (Also tell me if there's people causing issues, I am now the bounty-hunter admin or something.)

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  • AisuShironami

    Before I start, I know I am on my hiatus. BUT!!! I have a four day break because Ramadhan is coming soon and I'm starting fasting in a few days (fasting is something that muslims do in ramadhan) so I just need to snuck some of my day off to edit.

    While tidying Majestic Pretty Cure, I was watching an anime and got inspired by it. Then, I went to look at Arcana Pretty Cure! and feels that the background story does not meet my expectations. I want Arcana Pretty Cure to be more darker, mysterious and mature than Majestic Pretty Cure. But my first ideal plan and my goal are like...water and oil? Like, it cannot become one or together. So, I think hard of how to achieve my goal for the series and my descision is to redo it. Reconstruct. Rewrite. …

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  • CureDessert

    I'm back.

    May 23, 2017 by CureDessert

    Probably you guys thinking I was offline for a long day. (1 month, ._.).. Yes, I was offline to this wiki because I was learning grammar, thinking the story, and more. It's so hard to think a new plot, excluding Idol Live! Pretty Cure, because, no idol pretty cures right now. Also I was thinking character song(s), character(s) main personality, catchphrase(s), and an idea for un-maked (or what??? I dunno) Pretty Cure series of mine. Also I was sick much times this month ._.

    Anyways one more request for you guys, help me at gramming. If you ever seen any wrong grammars on my pages, of course you can fix it. I really appreciate it if you help me. One more, really thank you very very veryyy much for all who is supporting me. I will try my best…

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  • KiraKira-Chan


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  • FairySina

    Sky Pretty Cure will change?!

    No, you are not dreaming; yes, I'm actually considering it.

    But first things first; Nothing bad will happen to it!

    Sky Pretty Cure will still be Sky Pretty Cure... just without the "Pretty Cure".

    I've come with Sky so far, that I can hardly see anything the story has in common with the Franchise anymore. Why? Well... what still is there? The magical girl aspect that any Magical Girl anime - not just Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon - has. The combat fights; I thank Pretty Cure for inventing them in the gerne! But honestly, the new generation of fights are less of what I call combat, so well... count it was a half. And of course "Pretty Cure" in the title.

    Now, that will be everything that's going to change! I will get rid…

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  • AisuShironami


    May 14, 2017 by AisuShironami

    After reading CureInfinity1's blog post and reading my schedule, I decided to also take a hiatus for about.... a month? maybe less. Next week I got lines of exams which each day got like three subjects & the week after that I got my finals for about three weeks. If some of you notice, I just had an editing marathon for Majestic Pretty Cure! episodes because I wanted to lift the work before continuing my series. Yeah, so, Majestic Pretty Cure had officially finished. Need some touch ups but I'll do it while working on my next series. See you in a month or so~!

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  • CureInfinity1


    May 6, 2017 by CureInfinity1

    Hello, everyone. I just wanted to create a blog to provide information on my temporary HIATUS on the wiki for awhile. Though I've done it many times before, I thought it'd be helpful to some of you who maybe wonder why I'm not on the wiki often. School has been very hectic because of assignments and final exams as well as piano. I'll porbably be back somewhere near the end of June, but I'll try to edit some pages when I find time. Anyway, bye for now!

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  • FairySina

    Hey everyone, this time I need your opinion to decide. Like when creating Rainbow Star, I would like you to ask you for your opinion on something.

    This time, instead of a "should I create one", I will ask you if I should keep a story. The story is Beyond The Sky Pretty Cure, the third season for Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure. However; I don't feel like having another season for it might be a good idea. But I can't decide what to do >.<

    So I need your help! Just tell me what you think ~ (vote and give a comment, to add a thought if you have one)

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Kira Art lottery!

    April 25, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan

    Following in Aijihi's footsteps, I've decided to start this lottery! The winner will get a Hand Drawn picture created by me! The rules are pretty much the same as Aijihi's. So I will chose a random number on
    Monday, May 1st, 2017 via number generator!

    And the winner is...
    Cure Oto!!!

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  • OmegaPri

    Going back to LOL

    April 19, 2017 by OmegaPri

    I finally have intrest in my series LOL. Before, I was going to do it in March around Ai's birthday. But then, I didn't want too.

    I still will make PDF episodes, just not so frequently. So yeah...... bye~

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  • Aijihi

    Art Lottery!

    April 18, 2017 by Aijihi

    This week I will be taking one random art request to force myself to practice and make use of the random sketches I've done. Yes, this includes written descriptions and art done with bases, things I normally don't take. Please be sure to list what character you're entering. 

    Anyone who comments will be given a number, and then Friday the 21st, I will select a winner via random number generator. 


    8 total entries were accepted and given a number, be it physically or just in my head, and from the number generator, number 6, aka Cure Pink, won!

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  • Hickmanm

    Big News!!!!

    April 10, 2017 by Hickmanm

    Hi everyone!!! I've got awesome news and guess what, I'm releasing an album focusing on covers of songs that I sing and an original song by me with another three bonus tracks. Here is the front cover and tracklist:

    However, due to the number of songs, it maybe released in a few months so I'll update this blog with more info soon~

    • 14 / 04 / 2017 - I finally have a sample of "Love~ Sky~ Miracle~, here it is:

    • 08 / 05 / 2017 - I've now changed the whole tracklist as the songs I decided to do were to hard to sing. Here is the new tracklist:

    • 30 / 07 / 2017 - I've now changed the whole tracklist once again and reduced the number to seven tracks. New tracklist:
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  • KiraKira-Chan

    CCPCG Sequel?

    April 9, 2017 by KiraKira-Chan
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  • FairySina

    Fairy Presents!

    April 7, 2017 by FairySina

    Alright, my first "Fairy Presents!" blog, and probably the only one! :D With this blog, I want to show you on going stories I'm working on besides Sky Pretty Cure! And with on going stories I mean stories that are actually meant to become something big, rather than for the fun of creating stories, characters, relationships (that's like 99.9 % I do on this wiki xD Sky is mostly on the Sky Pretty Cure Wiki).

    Let's have a quick look at other anime based stories I am working on!

    As the name can tell, this was actually planned as a magical girl parody but developed into a promising story about young girl fighting evil this the power of their hearts (and favorite sweets).

    Okay, for all KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode fans out there, I created Chubby Ut…

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  • CureDessert

    I need help.

    April 7, 2017 by CureDessert

    I neep help :L Grammar!! Grammar IS NIGHTMAREEE!!

    I'm very very very bad at grammar. So I need someone to help to correct my grammar :L Credits? Don't worry! I always credit someone helping me.... poll, please!

    Thank you. Lol

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  • CureDessert

    Nice To Meet You...

    April 6, 2017 by CureDessert

    Nice to meet you! I'm CureDessert. Yes. Matte... Purikyua Hajimechaimashita?!, nope, i'm not being a Pretty Cure, but soon I will be an author! Yes! Well, nice to meet you, I hope we can meet again soon...


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  • FairySina

    Some reasons why Sky Pretty Cure can't be done by Toei.

    And I don't mean the "fan series" part of Sky Pretty Cure. Looking at Sky withough judging if it is a fan series or not, there are many things that hit your eye and you feel like: "Toei would never do that".

    1. Four seasons
      No Pretty Cure season has had more than two seasons and Toei even announced that they won't do any more sequels after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
    2. Ammount of Pretty Cure
      Toei has shown us in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! that they can make many Cures but are terribly bad at working with them. Also, the main team of Pretty Cure has never more than six members. Yet, Sky Pretty Cure has eight.
    3. Deep Backstory
      Everything in Sky Pretty Cure has a big backstory. The powers of the Pretty Cures,…
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  • SAYkokoro

    I know ever one here has their top 3 or top 5 favourite real Pretty Cure, but who is everyone's favourite fanmade Pretty Cure? One that was originally created in a fanseries like all the ones in this fandom! For me, I have one ultimate favourite Pretty Cure. 

    Mei Tarano/Cure Daisy. I know this one particular fanseries has been remade or changed a bit, but I love the Mei Tarano on the Season Touch Wiki. I love her background, her first love in the fairytale book she would read, how she fell in love, and her clumsy, but kind character that, no matter what, she can always see the good in people--and, of course, the fanart is amazing!

    I would love to hear what your guys' favourite fanmade Pretty Cure--could be one or more--and I'd love to know w…

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  • AisuShironami

    Hey guys! So, since few weeks ago, I have not contributed to the wiki because of several reasons. First, I went to Bali for 1 week and I didn't bring my laptop because I really want to take a break from editing etc and just enjoy the tropical island. Second, I'm too caught up in watching Korean Dramas. I KNOW. I think I once mentioned that I watched Goblin on the chat, but after that I got addicted (the similar way I got addicted to anime) and watched other series.

    And now, I'm happily to annouce that the second season of Majestic Pretty Cure!  is here!

    I know I said I'll create the page AFTER I finished all episode summary for the first season. But I just cannot wait to write everything down and share it with you guys! So, with 20 more epis…

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  • Aijihi

    Art Request Notice

    April 1, 2017 by Aijihi

    I will make this clear here and now since it seems like this wikia seems to be having a problem recently: I will not tolerate any sort of art theft and will out any stolen work I see without a second thought. Seriously, we've had two different people come on personally requesting their stolen art be removed within the past month.

    If you have ever stolen any art, I will never take a request from you, no ifs, ands, or buts, and I do not care if you’ve “drawn this one yourself”. You’ve broken my trust, so why should I ever believe you again? If you want me to draw someone else's character, that's fine, but don't pretend it's your friggen character. I suggest all others who take requests take up the same policy, and if this crap keeps up I will…

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  • Ringo Moon


    March 24, 2017 by Ringo Moon

    Minna! Konnichiwa, my name is RingoMoon (Just call me Ringo). I've recently joined this wiki!! Nice to meet you !!!

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