Blissful Shoot (ブリスフル シュート Burisufuru Shūto) is Cure Bliss's main attack in Happiness World Pretty Cure. It is later replaced with Magical Hurricane Shoot with the help of the Blissful Baton.


Cure Bliss points her finger at the enemy and the tip of her finger glows pink. She than says the incantation, making the pink glow grow bigger until Cure Bliss thrusts her hand forward, sending the pink light towards the enemy, exploding on impact, which means she has purified it.



Cure Bliss: 光る!幸せの光!プリキュアブリスフルシュート!


Cure Bliss: Hikaru! Shiawase no Hikari! Purikyua Burisufuru Shūto!


Cure Bliss: Glow! Light of Happiness! Pretty Cure Blissful Shoot!


  • Blissful Shoot is the fifth attack to end with the word "Shoot!". 

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