Binary Pretty Cure~ (バイナリプリキュア〜 Bainari Purikyua~) is Techieberry38's fourth fanseries.


The Pixel Stronghold is a high tech and futuristic castle where robots and all sorts of futuristic appliances can't be without in even the most humble area in the building. It exists not in a world, but in a simulation of a "future city" that is simply for decoration. All the technology and order is maintained by the Minisite Council. This peace continues until a group of discarded programs are "awakened" and turned evil by a kicked out former member of the Minisite Council(Xlite) . They form Viroso, and turn servant robots against their masters in order to kick out the current council and become the new ruler of the Pixel Stronghold. Luckily, the Minisite Council has taken note of this problem, and are trying to solve it by recruiting their own legendary warriors: the Binary Pretty Cure. Will they choose the right girls?


Pretty Cure

Yamazaki Etsu (Cure Firewall)

Etsu is a smart girl who's love is computers and science.  She is actually a sixth grader, but since her school is grade 1 to 10 she hangs out with the older kids, who accept her as a friend. Etsu enjoys making friends whether is it with a real conversation or through the student forum. Her power is protection, so if her friends are being teased by bullies she will be the first to stand up for them.

Matsui Shina (Cure Gadget)

Shina enjoys whipping up short play scripts, and gives them to the drama club. With this, she earned the job of head script writer. She is in grade 7, so she is a little young but doesn't care as long as no one calls her puny. Shina is rather shy but will try to make a few friends using the forum. Her power is strategy.

Tamura Isamu (Cure Program)

Isamu loves karate, and she shows this by going to the karate club every day and putting her whole heart into helping others improve their technique. Being the oldest as a ninth grader, she knows more thinking skills than the others so Shina and Etsu go to her for planning things.

More soon!

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