Best Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥
Besuto Furenzu! Purikyua♥Fōebā♥
General Information
Created onSeptember 2013
Opening SongForever together! Pretty Cure
Ending SongConnection to our hearts♥
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PredecessorBest Friends! Pretty Cure
SuccessorDouble Sound Pretty Cure ♫

Best Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥ (ベストフレンズ!プリキュア♥フォーエバー♥ Besuto Furenzu! Purikyua♥Fōebā♥) is a sequel to Best Friends! Pretty Cure. In this Series, two new Cures join the team. They are based on two online-friends of FariySina.


Best Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥ Episodes

One year after the great evil, of the children's dreams was vanquished, a new evil raised and tried to attack. But the four brave hearts of Pretty Cure protected the world. Although they weren't strong enough to defeat him, they stared to fight against him. They need the help of two more strong hearts, which are connected to Cure Paint.



Zugakawa Anne (図画川アン Zugakawa An)/Cure Paint (キュアペイント Kyua Peinto)
Voiceactor: Manami Numakura
Anne is the lead Cure of the group. Although, she is the tallest, Anne is the second youngest member of the group. Anne likes drawing and playing video games. She also is good at school. But she is not as good as the others. Anne is based on FairySina herself. Her alter ego is Cure Paint (キュアペイント Kyua Peinto) the Cure of drawings.

Kiyohara Sabrina (器用原サブリナ Kiyōhara Saburina)/Cure Handy (キュアハンディ Kyua Handi)
Voiceactor: Nagasawa Miki
Sabrina is the second member of the group. She is the handiest and sportiest of all. Sabrina and Anne are friends since childhood. Sabrina also likes playing Video games but sometimes needs help. Sabrina is based on FairySina's friend Sabrina/Sabi. Her alter ego is Cure Handy (キュアハンディ Kyua Handi) the Cure of Sports.

Aito Melanie (愛塔メラニー Aitō Meranī)/Cure Voice (キュアボイス Kyua Boisu)
Voiceactor: Kiyono Yasuno
Melanie is the third member of the group and the kindest. Melina is Sarah's best friend since childhood. She met Anne and Sabrina for the first time in the Middle School. Melanie is a really good singer and she likes to dance. She also likes to cook but is sometimes very unhandy. Melanie is based on FairySina's best friend Melanie/Melly. Her alter ego is Cure Voice (キュアボイス Kyua Boisu) the Cure of Music.

Hentani Sarah (変谷サラ Hentani Sara)/Cure Crazy (キュアクレイジー Kyua Kureijī)
Voiceactor: Minaguchi Yuko
Sarah is the fourth member of the group and the craziest. Sarah knows Melanie since her childhood. They are always together. She and Melanie met Anne und Sabrina for the first time in the Middle School. Sarah is a bit untwisted. And likes to make fun of her friends but that's not serious. Sarah is based on FairySina's best friend Sarah. Her alter ego is Cure Crazy (キュアクレイジー Kyua Kureijī) the Cure of fun.

Shobubo Maxi (勝負房マキシ Shōbubō Makishi)/Cure Game (キュアゲーム Kyua Gēmu)
Voiceactor: Iizuka Mayumi
Maxi is a new member of the group and the oldest of all, she is Anne's best friend. Maxi likes playing video games and lives together with her older sister. Maxi goes to another scholl than the others. She goes to a game designer school. Maxi is based on Anne's online friend Maxi. Her alter ego is Cure Game (キュアゲーム Kyua Gēmu) the Cure of Games.

Honhyo Rahel (本表ラケル Honhyō Rakeru)/Cure Story (キュアストーリー Kyua Sutōrī)
Voiceactor: Kurosawa Tomoyo
Rahel is the second new member of the team and the youngest. Rahel loves Animes and Mangas, most of all magical girl animes. She also likes reading books. Since she is the youngest, Rahel is the childest of all. Unlike the other Cures, Rahel is in a elementary school. Rahel is based on Anne's online friend Rahel (Pretty Cure Online). Her alter ego is Cure Story (キュアストーリー Kyua Sutōrī) the Cure of Books.


Puupy (パピー Papī)

Ribbon (リボン Ribon)


Maik (マイク Maiku)
Maik is the main villain of this season.

Cyber (サイバー Saibā)
The first villain, created by Maik. She is the first, who attacks the Cures.

Mystery (ミステリー Misuterī)
Mystery is the second villain created by Maik.

Snake (スネーク Sunēku)
Snake is also created by Maik. He is based on Rahel's fear of snakes.

Spider (スパイダー Supaidā)
Spider is based on Anne's fear of spiders.

Bagufia (バグフィア Bagufia)



  • Tomomachi (友町 Tomomachi) - the girl's hometown
  • Otome Junior high school (乙女中学校 Otome Chūgakkō) - Anne's, Sabrina's, Melanie's and Sarah's school.
  • Kakudan Academy (格段学園 Kakudan Gakuen) - Maxi's school.
  • Fumito School (史学校 Fumito Gakkō) - Rahel's school


  • Color Screen - the girls' transformation item.
  • Forte Pact - Maxi's and Rahel's transformation item.
  • Ribbon Case - the pocket, in which Rahel and Maxi carry their pacts.
  • Puppy Pocket - the pocket, in which the girls carry their Screens.