Best Friends! Pretty Cure!
Besuto Furenzu! Purikyua!
General Information
Created onAugust 2013
Opening SongSaikō no tomodachi! Pretty Cure♪
Ending Song♫Come together♫


Series Info
PredecessorWonderland Pretty Cure
SuccessorBest Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥

Best Friends! Pretty Cure!(ベストフレンズ!プリキュア! Besuto Furenzu! Purikyua!) is FairySina's seventh Pretty Cure fan series. The story is about a group of girls who have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. Every Girl is based at one of FairySina's best School friends and one of herself.


Best Friends! Pretty Cure! episodes

Somewhere in earth exists a tale, which says that every nightmare creates a new evil. It also says, that the evil can be vanquished by four brave hearts and good friendship.
This is a Legend from old days and is now used for a fairy tale. But that Legend is true! And the great evil came back! Now the four brave hearts have to awake again and use their power to stop the evil and save our world. And maybe, they become a new Legend.



Zugakawa Anne (図画川アン Zugakawa An)/Cure Paint (キュアペイント Kyua Peinto)

Voiceactor: Manami Numakura
Anne is the lead Cure of the group. Although, she is the tallest, Anne is the youngest member of the group. Anne likes drawing and playing video games. She also is good at school. But she is not as good as the others. Anne is based on FairySina herself. Her alter ego is Cure Paint (キュアペイント Kyua Peinto) the Cure of drawings.

Kiyohara Sabrina (器用原サブリナ Kiyōhara Saburina)/Cure Handy (キュアハンディ Kyua Handi)

Voiceactor: Nagasawa Miki
Sabrina is the second member of the group and the oldest. She is the handiest and sportiest of all. Sabrina and Anne are friends since childhood. Sabrina also likes playing Video games but sometimes needs help. Sabrina is based on FairySina's friend Sabrina/Sabi. Her alter ego is Cure Handy (キュアハンディ Kyua Handi) the Cure of Sports.

Aito Melanie (愛塔メラニー Aitō Meranī)/Cure Voice (キュアボイス Kyua Boisu)

Voiceactor: Kiyono Yasuno
Melanie is the third member of the group and the kindest. Melina is Sarah's best friend since childhood. She met Anne and Sabrina for the first time in the Middle School. Melanie is a really good singer and she likes to dance. She also likes to cook but is sometimes very unhandy. Melanie is based on FairySina's best friend Melanie/Melly. Her alter ego is Cure Voice (キュアボイス Kyua Boisu) the Cure of Music.

Hentani Sarah (変谷サラ Hentani Sara)/Cure Crazy (キュアクレイジー Kyua Kureijī)

Voiceactor: Minaguchi Yuko
Sarah is the fourth member of the group and the craziest. Sarah knows Melanie since her childhood. They are always together. She and Melanie met Anne und Sabrina for the first time in the Middle School. Sarah is a bit untwisted. And likes to make fun of her friends but that's not serious. Sarah is based on FairySina's best friend Sarah. Her alter ego is Cure Crazy (キュアクレイジー Kyua Kureijī) the Cure of fun.


Puupy (パピー Papī)


Loneliness (ロンリネス Ronrinesu)
Loneliness is the main villain of this series.

Fal (ファル Faru)
Fal is one of Lonliness' people, who attack human world.

Flash (フラッシュ Furasshu)

Memory (メモリ Memori)

Kechitana (ケチタナ Kechitana)
The monsters, Loneliness' people create.



  • Tomomachi (友町 Tomomachi) - the girl's hometown
  • Otome Junior high school (乙女中学校 Otome Chūgakkō) - Anne's, Sabrina's, Melanie's and Sarah's school.


  • Color Screen - the girls' transformation item.
  • Puppy Pocket - the pocket, in which the girls carry their Screens.


  • Best Friends! Pretty Cure! is probably the first Series where every main character has no japanese Name.