This is first transcript for first Bad Good Pretty Cure episode.


Bad Good Crystal

Bad good kingdom is attacked. Queen is in Crystal room talking with Miyu and Gina

Queen: Miyu, Gina, if anything happens I trust you to take care of Bad Good Crystal.

Miyu: But Queen what will you do?

Queen: We have no more time left. You two should run away with crystal and find pretty cure!

Gina: But Queen, we can't leave you here!

Queen: Go! If Dark Shadow takes the crystal all worlds will be destroyed. And even Pretty Cure won't be able to help us!

Fairies are still thiniking, because they can't leave their queen alone. But then they run away.

Queen: Miyu, Gina, I believe you can do it...

Dark Shadow: So here you are Queen!

Queen: You are too late, Dark Shadow. Crystal isn't here anymore.

Dark Shadow: I know. I have crystal right here.

Queen: How did you...?

Dark Shadow: I was sure you will do something like this. Taking those fairies wasn't hard. And now I can destroy all balance in world! 

Queen: I don't think so! Miyu, Gina!

Queen throw something to fairies and they are able to escape and look at golden things queen gived them.

Queen: Go! There is still a bit of hope! 

Miyu: But crystal is...

Queen: Just run and look at the things I gave you when you came to earth!

Fairies escape. 

Dark Shadow: They can't do anything. When I make this Bad Good Crystal dark, those guardians Pretty Cure will all turn on our side and balance will be destroyed! 

Dark Shadow turned crystal in dark crystal. And Bad Good kingdom's castle is shown from outside. No one knows what happend to Queen.

Opening scene is shown.

Ellen and Setsuna's morning.

Sestsuna just woke up and went to Love's room to wake her up.

Setsuna: Love! It's morning! 


Setsuna: You are going to be late!


Momozono Ayumi: Love, Sets-chan! Breakfast is ready.

Setsuna opend the door. 

Setsuna: For how long are you going to sleep? Love? 

Tart: Passion! 

Setsuna: Tart, what's wrong?

Tart: We both went to sleep and when I woke up, Peach wasn't in her bed. 

Setsuna: What are you saying? Love wouldn't wake up so early on her own!

Tart: I know! That's why I'm so worried.

Setsuna and Tart went downstairs.

Momozono Ayumi: Where is Love?

Setsuna: I don't know. When I woke up she wasn't in her bed.

Momozono Ayumi: I'll go search for her. Breakfast is on the table...

Setsuna: Wait, I'm going with you. 

At this time in Kanon Town.

Ellen is sleeping in her room when Hummy suddenly wake her up.

Hummy: It's awful!

Ellen: What's wrong Hummy?

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