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Nani!Watashi ga purikyuada?!
Blooming PreCure episode 01
"What! I'm a PreCure?!"
Air date  ??
Episode Guide
Opening Bloom! Blooming PreCure!
Ending Blooming Life
Directed by CureVanilla57
Written by CureVanilla57

  • Atsuki
  • Hana
  • Heart
  • Len
  • Rina

Cure Lily: Floral,Honey The QUEEN! Save her NOW!

Cure Floral: Oh Yes

Lucky: HELP!!

Rock: What?

Lucky: Dad

Rock: Dad!

King Dust: Flowers and trees Turn To Dust!

_Opning starts_

Atsuki: OH NO I AM LATE!

(Starts to Run)

Hana: Where Is Atsuki?!

Atsuki: Over Here

(she falls down)

Hana: Atsuki!

Atsuki: Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

Teacher: all right class to day we are doing MATHS

Class: Awwwwwwwwwwww!

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