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Opening 1 - Alright! heartcatch precure!

<Tsubomi Car>

Erika : Yahoo!! Finally we can go to beach!!

itsuki : yeah!, today is very hot!

Tsubomi : what you eat, yuri?

yuri : i eat sweet potato, do you want too?

tsubomi : yes, thank you very much!

Then Tsubomi eat the sweet potato

Yuri : how? Tsubomi : This is very delicious! Yuri : Thank You, i made it by my self tsubomi : sugoiii

~One hours later they arrive at Kyoto beach, the name is Kotobikihama Beach~

Erika : Everyone! Let's swimming!

Erika use her swim suit then run to water.

Erika : baaahh!!It's fun! Tsubomi, Itsuki and Yuri lets go to try it!

Tsubomi & Itsuki : Okay!

They run into water same that Erika do

Tsubomi : It's fun!

Erika : justified?

Itsuki : Yuri, you don't want to try it?

yuri : No, thank you! I'm better in this place!

Itsuki : Okay!

Then They are play a water, about 30 minutes later they are done. The cures are eat a barbeque and a hot milk.

tsubomi&Erika: Oishiii..!


Ayumi own ship

Ayumi own ship

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