Ayuzawa Mizuki
Mizuki Bubble
Ayuzawa Mizuki
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Blue (Mizuki)

Light Blue (Cure Bubble)

Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceHikari Town
RelativesAyuazawa Maria (mother deceased)

Ayuzawa Kaicho (father)

Alter EgoCure Bubble
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
Season5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

First Appearance5LPC!02
 Ayuazawa Mizuki is one of cures from 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Bubble.


She is very intelligent person. At the begining of the season she was lonely and always alone even thought a lot of people admired her because of her grades and because she was great student council president, but later when she became friends with Yumeko and others she changed and became more friendly.


Coming soon...

Cure Bubble

Coming soon...


Yamamoto Rena - After Mizuki became pretty cure she became very good friends with Rena.

Tsukino Yumeko - When she met Yumeko she changed a lot. At first she didn't like her but when she became pretty cure they became friends.

Bella - She became very good friend with Bella later. Bella admire her because of her grades.

Alexander - Mizuki's butler.



  • Mizuki is third cure that has butler after Minazuki Karen and Yotsuba Alice.
  • Mizuki is a bit similiar to Minazuki Karen.
  • She shares surname with Ayuzawa Misaki from Kaicho wa Maid Sama.

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