Ayase Naru
Ayase Naru
Personal Information
Hair ColorHot Pink (Naru)

Light Pink (Cure Lovely)

Eye ColorYellow(Naru)

Pink (Cure Sparkle)

Theme ColorPink (main)


Anime Information
SeasonRainbow Live Precure!
First AppearanceRLPC01

Ayase Naru (Ayase Naru?)is the leader of her team and the main character of Rainbow Live Precure!. Her alter ego is Cure Lovely ({{{2}}}?).


Naru has Yellow eyes and a short light pink hair.


Naru is a very cheerful, lively girl, she also a prism star from prism stone. hikari. Naru with her bestfriend Fukuhara Ann


Past life

The main character of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live anime and also the main character of this fan series. A 14 year old girl in 8th grade with a Lovely-type personality. Very good at deco-ing things, and ends up deco-ing everything she sees. A bit of an airhead, she has a dream to own a Prism Shop like Dear Crown someday, her favorite store. After participating in her first Prism Show, however, she ends up becoming the shop manager of the Prism Stone Shop in Harajuku. She can see the "colors" of music.

Meeting Sharu and Becoming Cure Lovely

In episode 1 when she do show Bad End appear and attacked Naru, and come Sharu a mascot from prism music save Naru from Bad End, and Sharu give a power to Naru for transfrom as cure lovely to defeat Bad End but Bad end already summon a monster named Yami , and there are first fighting scene Naru and Yami. naru finished attack yami with her first attack Lovely Arrow, but Bad end already disappear.


Fukuhara Ann: Naru's best friend

Ayase Ryuunosuke: Naru father

Ayase Shion: Naru mother

Cure Lovely


She transfrom use lovely catch and her shout out is " pretty cure!, lovely link!" And She Introduction: "The Cute personality, cure lovely!"


She use Lovely Pass as her device to attack

First Attack :

- Lovely Arrow


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