List of Aura Precure! episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Shinsen'na kūki no iki! Hanashi o hajimemashou!
"A breath of fresh air! Let the story begin!"
Hitori -

When Kotori accidentally witnesses Ai transform in Cure Bliss, a hero that saved Purari, she brings herself into a wild mess!

02 Enerugī no on'nanoko! Purikyua tanjō!
"The girl of Energy! A cure is born!"
Hitori -

When Ai explains Pretty Cure to Kotori, she turns to her best friend, Tachi, for help, unaware Ai told her to keep it a secret. When Ai's in danger, Tachi and Kotori have to think fast to save her.

03 Kanojo no shin'yū.
"Her best friend."
Dekinai, Yaru -

Once Kotori becomes a Pretty Cure, Ai and Tachi develop an odd friendship, and finding out more about Kotori.

04 Kotori no nayami...?
"Kotori's worries...?"
Yaru -

Ai suddenly became a little worried when she saw Kotori down during lunch break.

05 Kare o hogo! Kotori wa kanojo no tsubasawohirogeru!
"Protect him! The little bird spreads her wings!"
Hitori, Dekinai -

Kotori panics when Tachi doesn't come to school for a couple days, and finds him a victim for a Grief Eater.

06 Machigai! Sayuri no daigaehin!
"A mistake! Sayuri's replacements?!"
- -

When Kotori and Ai stumble in the park one day when the famous idol, Kita Sayuri, and her fellow idol members, were shooting a music video, they were mistaken for the replacement of two back up dancers who couldn't make it.

07 Okurimono wa noroidatta
"A gift was a curse"
Dekinai -

Kotori and Ai get to know more about Sayuri.

08 Kanojo no masuku ga ochiru! Sayuri no shōtai!
"Her mask falls! Sayuri's true colors!!"
Hitori, Yaru -

Ai and Kotori find out how Sayuri really acts when they see her complaining to her manager about work.

09 Kanojo wa saishūtekini kanojo no me o ōpun! Baransu ga koko ni aru!
"She finally opens her eyes! Balance is here!"
Dekinai -

When Cure Bliss and Cure Energy fail to defeat Grief Eaters, Sayuri has two choices- to run away, or to save them.

10 Gasshō! Watashi ga sanka shite inai yo!
合唱!? 私が参加していないよ!
"Choir?! I'm not joining!"
Yaru -

When Sayuri joins the Pretty Cure team, she makes the try out for choir, which Kotori totally rejects to.

11 Chīsana negai
"The small wish"
Dekinai, Yaru -

Kotori tells Ai about Reina, her old friend. They suddenly got into a fight the next day after, leaving Sayuri and Ai puzzled. When they fight a Grief Eater, another Cure, Cure Hope, fights with them.

12 Oboete imasu ka? Kotori to Reina
"Remember? Kotori and Reina"
Hitori -

When Reina finds out Kotori is Cure Energy, she refuses to join the team.

13 Ōrapurikyua! Itte miyou!
"Aura Pretty Cure! Let's go!!"
Dekinai, Yaru, Hitori -

The Aura Pretty Cure is finally formed.

14 Hātodokidoki! Reina wa sudeni ai?!
"Heart Beating! Reina's already in love?!"
Dekinai, Yaru -
Once the team was formed, Reina has gone head over heels for someone.
15 Sokode hangu appu suru! Momoko no pinchi!!
"Hang in there! Momoko's pinch!!"
Dekinai -
It seems Momoko, one of Tachi's friends, is having some sort of problem.
16 Kyanpu! ? Honki ka? !
"Camp!? Are you serious?!"
Hitori -
The whole 2nd and 3rd year classes head out for a field trip- on a camping ground! Sayuri isn't all that happy about it, though...
17 Kyanpufībā? Ai no yasashi-sa
"Camp Fever? Ai's kindness"
Yaru -
Ai's kindness shows for the first time.
18 Momiji
Yaru, Hitori -
More about Momoko is revealed.
19 Kaitei
"Bottom of the Sea"
Dekinai, Yaru -
Momoko falls victim for a Grief Eater.
20 Gakkō no jinshu wa kochira! Shōri no ran!
"The school race is here! The run of victory!"
Hitori -
21 APC21

22 APC22

23 APC23

24 APC24

25 APC25

26 APC26

27 APC27

28 APC28

29 APC29

30 Umarete kurete arigatō
"Thank you for being born"


Dekinai accidentally remembered her past.

31 APC31

32 APC32

33 APC33

34 Ni~Tsu! Kotori no kokoro wa yurete iru!
"A date?! Kotori's heart is swaying!"
35 APC35

36 APC36

37 Watashi wa anata ga mada koko ni ite hoshī
"I wish you were still here"
38 Toki ni amatsubu ga ochiru
"When raindrops fall"
This is one of the first fillers in Aura for a while.
39 APC39

40 Watashi ga shiritaku arimasendeshita
"I didn't want to know"
41 Kowareta emi
"A Broken Smile"
42 APC42

43 APC43

44 APC44

45 APC45

46 APC46

47 APC47

48 Saigo no negai
"The last wish"
49 Subete o Arigatou.
"Thank you for everything."

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