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Atashi wa Pretty Cure!
Atashi wa Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
NetworkTV Lucky
Original RunTBA
Opening SongFollow Me~ Atashi wa Pretty Cure!
Ending SongSubete no Tsu (ep. 1-24)

Kigaru Ashita (ep. 25-49)

Series Info
PredecessorMy Way Pretty Cure!
SuccessorStellar! Pretty Cure☆
Atashi wa Pretty Cure! (あたしはプリキュア! Atashi wa Purikyua!?, literally translated as I am Pretty Cure!) is one of the Pretty Cure fan series created by Cure Lucky and the third season to her Third Generation. The main theme is Nobility.


While running to school 14 year old Haruyoshi Hitomi meets Aozora Kiyoshi who loses his pendant after their meeting. Later Akasaki Hajime and Kohaku Aki spot Hitomi wearing the pendant and it reveals to Hitomi that the pendant is a transformation device that can transform a young girl into a legendary warrior Pretty Cure to save the world called Brilliancy Kingdom. Only a real lady can be considered as its worthy owner, but could it be such a girl like Hitomi?


Pretty Cure

Haruyoshi Hitomi (春吉 ひとみ Haruyoshi Hitomi?)/ Cure Milady (キュアミレディー Kyua Miredī?)
Voiced by: Kuwatani Natsuko
Hitomi is a cheerful, clumsy and cheeky 14 year old girl, the main protagonist and the only Cure of the series. She is sweet and friendly but can be much crazy when excited or mad. She wishes to become an elegant real lady for not only herself, but also for the sake of Brilliancy Kingdom. She transforms into Cure Milady and gets help from Rainbow Knights. Her theme color is pink.

Rainbow Knights

Akasaki Hajime (赤咲 肇 Akasaki Hajime?)/ Knight Sir Red (ナイトサーレッド Naito Sā Reddo?)
Voiced by:
Hajime is a sporty, sometimes impudent and much self-confident 16-year-old who is in the school's soccer team and usually annoys Hitomi by teasing her or boasting. He calls her Button (ボタン Botan?), which refers to her childish appearance and behavior. Despite of all of this Hitomi really appreciates Hajime's reliable and heroic side. Out of the Knights, he is the closest to Aki. He transforms into Knight Sir Red.

Kohaku Aki (琥珀 秋 Kohaku Aki?)/ Knight Sir Orange (ナイトサーオレンジ Naito Sā Orenji?)
Voiced by: Fukuyama Jun
Aki is a cheerful, friendly, cool and outgoing 15-year-old who has 6 cats and likes to take Hitomi for a walk with them. He is always ready to help Hitomi or share his thoughts with her and calls her Kitty (子猫 Koneko?), due to his love for cats. During the series Aki consideres Hitomi as a true friend, but also feels like it can become something more than a friendship. However, he is close friends with Hajime, so sometimes can annoy her as well as Hajime does it. He transforms into Knight Sir Orange.

Kogane Hikage (黄金 日影 Kogane Hikage?)/ Knight Sir Yellow (ナイトサーイエロー Naito Sā Ierō?)
Voiced by: Annabel
Hikage is a calm and bubbly 14-year-old who has fun with playing puppet-shows and has a strong rivalry with Masaru. Though sweet and gentle, he has a cheeky and a bit mean personality which makes him quite irritating to Masaru, yet pretty attracting to Hitomi, though she has somewhat of a derisive relationship with him. He calls her Dolly (ドリー Dorī?), meaning she is as perfect as an alive doll from his dreams. He transforms into Knight Sir Yellow.

Yasuhiro Ryokka (泰弘 緑化 Yasuhiro Ryokka?)/ Knight Sir Green (ナイトサーグリーン Naito Sā Gurīn?)
Voiced by:
Ryokka is a smart and calm 16-year-old who is interested in botany and so calls Hitomi Daisy (デイジー Deijī?). He often helps her with studies and likes to show Hitomi his knowledge and smartness. He transforms into Knight Sir Green.

Aozora Kiyoshi (青空 淳 Aozora Kiyoshi?)/ Knight Sir Blue (ナイトサーブルー Naito Sā Burū?)
Voiced by: Miyamoto Kanako
Kiyoshi is a simple, light-hearted and kind 13-year-old who is the youngest of the Knights and a little brother type. He is usually teased by Hajime and is the peacemaker whenever it comes down to Hikage and Masaru's fights. Being almost always taken care by Hitomi, Kiyoshi becomes attached to her like to a big sister and even starts to call her Onee-san (お姉さん Onē-san?). He transforms into Knight Sir Blue.

Aiyonaka Masaru (藍夜中 勝 Aiyonaka Masaru?)/ Knight Sir Indigo (ナイトサーインディゴ Naito Sā Indigo?)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita
Masaru is a nervous and short-tempered 14-year-old who is good at drawing, but doesn't like to show his drawings to anyone except for Kiyoshi who is the only one to know about Masaru's feelings. In the beginning he was withdrawn and rude to Hitomi and used to call her by her last name, but later she reveals that he was too shy to show his more opened, warmer side and his tender feelings towards her. He transforms into Knight Sir Indigo.

Sumire Yoshio (菫 誉士夫 Sumire Yoshio?)/ Knight Sir Violet (ナイトサーバイオレット Naito Sā Baioretto?)
Voiced by:
Yoshio is an elegant, polite and romantic 17-year-old and the oldest of the theam. His mysteriousity and grace often charms not only Hitomi, whom he calls Madame (マダム Madamu?), but also many other girls. He transforms into Knight Sir Violet.


Isabelle (イザベル Isaberu?)/ Kuroki Tsukika (黒木 月か Kuroki Tsukika?)/ Black Night (ブラックナイト Burakku Naito?)
Voiced by:
Isabelle is Hitomi's cat-like transformation-partner taken care by Aki and is the only mascot of the series. She is sweet and cheerful, but slightly mean and is jealous of Aki to Hitomi. After Hitomi becomes able to transform on her own, Isabelle gains an ability to turn into human form called Kuroki Tsukika and a magical girl form called Black Night.


Majestic Rosamund (マジェスティックロザムンド Majesutikku Rozamundo?)
Majestic Rosamund is the main antagonist of the series.

Nicholas (ニコラス Nikorasu?)
Nicholas is the first villain to appear.

Hildebrandt (ヒルデブラント Hirudeburanto?)
Hildebrandt is the second villain to appear.

Melicent (メリセント Merisento?)
Melicent is the third villain to appear.

Patricia (パトリシア Patorishia?)
Patricia is the fourth villain to appear.

Shisharin (シーシャリン Shisharin?)
Shisharins are the monsters created by Nicholas, Hildebrandt, Melicent and Patricia.


Elegance Amulet (エレガンスアミュレット Eregansu Amyuretto?) is Hitomi's silver pendant-like transformation device with a pink heart-shaped jewel on it. It can be activated by shouting out "Pretty Cure! Elegant Wish!".

Elegance Amulet Elite (エレガンスアミュレットエリート Eregansu Amyuretto Erīto?) is the Elegant Amulet's upgraded form.

Black Diamond (ブラックダイヤモンド Burakku Daiyamondo?) is Tsukika's star-shaped black pendan't-like tranformation device. It can be activated by shouting out "Shadow Immersion!".

Color Mixer (カラーミキサー Karā Mikisā?) is Rainbow Knights' cell-phone-like transformation device. It can be activated by shouting out "Rainbow Power! Knighted Paint!".

Royal Jewels (ロイヤルジュエルス Roiyaru Juerusu?) are the small pieces that Cure Milady and Rainbow Knights need to collect.


Brilliancy Kingdom (ブリリアンシー王国 Buririanshī Ōkoku?)


  • Atashi wa Pretty Cure! is the third season to have only one Cure. The first is One Maiden Pretty Cure and the second is Arise Pretty Cure!.
  • Atashi wa Pretty Cure! is the third season created by Cure Lucky, which has a women as the main antagonist.
  • Atashi wa Pretty Cure! is the fourth season to have hiragana in its title, following Futari wa Pretty CureFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart and Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star.
    • However, unlike those ones, Atashi wa marks that the story is about one and only Cure (although there are several allies), not two.

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