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Asako is a human from Earth/Human world being chosen by the fairies alongside Sophia becoming a Pretty Cure Warrior Cure 1 and being a partner alongside Cure-2.   

Asako Fukuko
Personal Information
Birthday DateJanuray 4th
Hair ColorOrange (Normal)

Black (Cure Ichigo)

Eye ColorLight Brown (Asako)

Pink (Cure Ichigo)

Home PlaceEarth/Homeland

Father Older brother

Alter EgoCure 1/ ICHIGO
Theme ColorBlack/Grey (Main), White (Sub)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure

Asako Fukuko

Asako is a tomboy,competitive, Like Misumi Nagisa, Akane Hino, Hyuuga Saki, Nao Midorikawa and Natsuki Rin. But she's working hard on her studies and gets involved helping anyone whenever she thinks and sees. Asako enjoys playing basketball as a sport. Asako's childhood is with Sophia is that they're next door neighbours (Separate houses). Also she saves Sophia's life from being bullied and hurt, always helps her to stand her ground and help each other.

Her appearance is she's got dark brown hair/short hair between the shoulders,tanned skin, wearing tomboy clothes, any T Shirts/Jumpers/Tank Topshoes/Sneakers and any colours like Black/Grey and Pink.

Cure - 1

Cure-1 is Asako's Pretty Cure alter ego. She adressed herself as "Light Avenger" and her oufit is black with white lines and the symbols are circles, head wear, arm warmers and leg warmers with boots like Cure -2. Her element is light energy, magic mixed with technology abilities. Like Cure Black she uses her fists and sometimes uses her legs and a bit like Cure White she is fast and agile. As a Cure, she becomes much more serious, and reveals more of her views on justice. Unlike the former Pretty Cure-duos in the franchise, Asako does not need to be together with her partner, Sophia to transform like Tsubomi . She uses the item to transfrom by saying "Pretty Cure Activate!".