Arite Rei

Arite Rei is main cure from Element Pretty Cure series. 


Rei is very famus singer but in school, at home and with  friends, you can forget that she is singer, because she acts just like normal girl. She likes to help other people very much. She is great at sport and studying and is very popular at school. She cares a lot for her friends. 


Rei has light dark or dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She is taller than Tarika and Haruka and shorter than Kasumi and Momoko. 


Yamakato Tarika - Tarika is Rei's childhood friend. 

Mizuno Haruka - Haruka was one of Rei's greatest fans before she became pretty cure. After she became Pretty Cure, they became great friends. Haruka was still fan of Rei's songs. 

Tsukikage Momoko - At the beginig Momoko wasn't friendly to other girls, but latter thanks to Rei and others she was able to relax more and was sure that she is going to defend Element Kingdom. 

Hikari - In the series Hikari and Rei became very good friends.


- Hikari is first lead Pretty Cure to be an idol.

- She is third Pretty Cure to be an idol after Kasugano Urara and Kenzaki Makoto.

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