Arise Pretty Cure! (アライズプリキュア Araizu Purikyua!) is a sequel to Heartcatch Pretty Cure by CureKanade, focused on the reincarnation of Dark Pretty Cure.

Arise Pretty Cure!
General Information
Original RunJuly 7, 2013 - 29 June, 2014
Episodes50 episodes
Opening SongPlease Arise Pretty Cure!
Ending SongAlive and Well (episodes 1- 25)

Wonderful Rush (episodes 26-50)

Series Info
SuccessorMirage Pretty Cure!

This is CureKanade's first series to "air" in July.


Arise Pretty Cure! Episodes
Years after Dune's defeat, the Great Tree of Hearts is attacked by a dark Cure again, this time one called Cure Fade. One of the surviving fairies, Petal, tries her best to protect the tree but is defeated. Days later, Aira Yumetsuki is getting ready for her last year of Myōdō Academy's Junior High School. She was picked on the last day of her second year to be the vice-school council president. She is showing the first years around the year when a monster came and attacked Aira and the group of first years. Aira stands up to the monster and braces herself for a deadly blow, only for Petal to rescue her, granting her the ability to become a new Pretty Cure, Cure Saffron.


Pretty Cures

Aira Yumetsuki (夢月 姶良 Yumetsuki Aira)- The fifteen year old reincarnation of the Dark Pretty Cure, Aira is a gentle, friendly and artistic girl who finds it hard to fight all by herself, but gets used to it after a while. Her alter ego is Cure Saffron (キュアサフラン Kyua Safuran) and holds the power of love and light and the flower saffron.


Petal (ペタル Petaru)- Aira's mascot partner. She is a smart fairy and tries to help Aira as best as she can. She ends her sentences with "~taru".


Cure Fade (キュア フェード Kyua Fēdo)- Cure Fade is a evil cure who tries to defeat Cure Saffron. She has a complete opposite personality of Aira's. Her human alias is Shibomu Shinabiru (萎びる しぼむ Shinabiru Shibomu).

Sandy (サンディー Sandī)- Sandy is the only commander of Dune. She helps Cure Fade sometimes but mostly fights Cure Saffron alone since she finds it easier.

Arechi (荒れ地 Arechi)- The leader of Dune. He wants to wilt the Great Tree of Hearts so he can turn the world into a desert.

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