Araki Midori
Araki Midori
Personal Information
Birthday DateDecembler 29,1996
Hair ColorDark Green(Midori)

Green (Cure Oak)

Eye ColorGrey (Midori)

Green (Cure Oak)

Home PlaceAkatsuki Town
RelativesAraki Kenichi (Father)

Araki Momi (Mother) Araki Kazuhiko (Older Brother) Araki Ayaka(Younger Sister)

Alter EgoCure Oak
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonCosmos Precure!
First AppearanceCMPC01
Araki Midori (荒木みどり Araki Midori?) is third cure of Cosmos Precure!.She is freshman student at Constellation  Department of Hoshigam Private Academy.Midori's strong, independent personality is hinted at in her most striking physical feature—her unusual height She is stated at her first appearance in the series to be very tall, and considerable notice.Midori is doesn't get along well with guy except her father and brother because something happen in her past is the most and dishonest of the whole group when it comes to her feelings. She is a deep thinker and is always prepared to rescue her friends and to protect herself. She is beautiful and calm, also she is helpful, honest and loyal to her friends.Her father is Director of Hospital and Mother is Famous Botanist.She is member and ace of the school tennis club.Despite her tough appearance, she still has gentle side.


Midori has waist-length dark green hair and grey eyes. Midori is hardly ever seen wearing anything girly or short in her school day she wear long skirt. On weekends and days off, she wears a short black peacoat, a white belt, and black pants, along with said boots. In the summer, however, she wears a light green turtleneck shirt with no sleeves, and  blue jeans.


Midori has a very serious and fearless personality. At the beginning of the serie, she is seen as a loner, but later warms up to Akari and Cures Group. Because of her "cool attitude" and beauty, she is admired by all her classmates. She is haunted by the incident of her past, and has trouble telling people about her problems.She has trouble to get along with a guys.

Midori is at first shown to be a bossy and rude person with a guys especially Minato for things that are not his fault and her misunderstanding. Later she still retains her bossy attitude but has mostly faded to insulting Minato at every possible chance she can get.

She is strong and tall and practices judo and other sports such Volleyball,Ice Skating but at the same time is rather busty and is excellent at arts and crafts, cleaning, cooking, dancing especially ballet, and gardening.

She love flower and herb very much and grow them in her personal greenhouse.She also can compound basic herbal medicine from them.



Kimihiro Minato - First time she met him she misunderstand Minato is thug who bully Akari and she flipped him with a throw.She doesn't get along well with him.but after know about his illness she has ready worry about him.

Cure Oak

"The Growthng Tree of Courage! Cure Oak!!"

Cure Oak is Midori's Pretty Cure alter ego.She represent of courage and control power of wood.


"Pretty Cure Planet Enchantment" - Midori use this phase to transformaton into Cure Oak


Nature Spark




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