Aqua Serenade PreCure
アクア セレナーデ プリキュア
Akua Serenāde Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 14 2019
Opening SongBeautiful! Serenade! PreCure!
Ending SongHeartful Serenity (Ep 1-24)

Light Mermaid (Ep 25-49)

Series Info
PredecessorEternal Glow PreCure
SuccessorRosetta PreCure

Aqua Serenade PreCure (アクア セレナーデ プリキュア Akua Serenāde Purikyua) is the eighth series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Aqua Serenade PreCure Episodes

The Mermaid Kingdom was safe and and full of Nymphs and Mermaids until Queen Cassandra arrives and removes the abilities. Queen Calissa,now a ordinary human somehow able to still survive,asks Aqua to find four warriors. Aqua,now in Earth,meets Senshuken Shibuki. A champion swimmer who is famous. After Shibuki has an encounter with a Drowner,she promises Aqua she will find the three others. And with them,she will defeat Queen Cassandra!



Senshuken Shibuki/Cure Siren

Shibuki is a cheerful and famous swimmer. She is addicted to eating sushi and can cook. She is fascinated by Sirens(not the lights). She used to be arrogant. She was respected differently from others and did not have many friends. She shows her true self and soon becomes Cure Siren.

Heiwa "Hewaī" Chowa/Cure Harmony

Chowa(or called Hewaī) is the second cure. She is a new student to Shibuki's school and is the first person to make friends with her. She is the airhead one of the team but usually heads off for yoga lessons or meditation. When she finds out Shibuki is a PreCure,she becomes one herself,Cure Harmony.

Kagayaki Yume/Cure Shimmer

Yume is a gothic person who's dream is to be a gothic singer. Some call her "Gothica" due to her theme. Yume doesn't really like this but let's them call her that because thinks this is a good stage name. She becomes Cure Shimmer.

Yasei Yūga/Cure Elegance

Yūga is the final member and the oldest by seventeen years.She is cold one of the team. She prefers her theme as traditional Japanese but some recommend rock instead. She has short temper problems and is a fortune teller. As a fortune teller she switches her name to family name. She becomes Cure Elegance.



Aqua is the mascot that arrives first. He is stern and serious mascot. He is a clownfish.


The second mascot that appears. She is the total opposite of Aqua. She is a red chiququa with a Diamond pendant held by a pink ribbon.


Queen Cassandra

The main villain.


The first villain to appear. His powers are based on a serpent.


The second villain to appear. Her powers are based on a viper.


The final villain to appear. Her powers are based on a shark.


The monsters used in the series.


Serenity Rings

The transformation devices. They are disguised as normal fashion rings. To transform they shout out "PreCure! Serenity Wave!".

PreAqua Mirror

The mirror used for group attacks.

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