Aokawa T-900
青川 T-900
Aokawa T-900
Personal Information
Hair ColorYellow (T-900)

Blue (Water)

Eye ColorBlue
Alter EgoCure Water
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
First AppearanceHWPC03

Aokawa T-900 is one of the Cures in High Waters Pretty Cure!, as well as a confirmed Cure in Shine On! Pretty Cure Global. With her young age and amazing intelligence, she has become very popular to other students at her school yet is very kind and reliable. Her alter ego is Cure Water.


High Waters

Shine On!



Cure Water


Aokawa - Ao means blue and Kawa means river. Together it's "blue river".

T-900 - Please don't blame me, it was taken from a kids show (and the character has some yellow color, but not the main color, just like this character).

Taki - The name translates to "waterfall", which makes sense considering the theme of the season is water.


  • T-900 and Reika share similarities:
    • They are blue Cures
    • They have similar last names (Aoki Reika ; Aokawa T-900)
    • They are intelligent
    • They have similar personalities, except Reika is a student council and T-900 is not.
  • T-900 and fan Cure Aokawa Izumi are also similar:
    • They are blue Cures
    • They share the same last name
    • They are intelligent
    • Their powers are related to water
  • With numbers in her name, T-900 has the most unique first name of all civilian Pretty Cure identities.
  • T-900, when transforming, has the third most dramatic hair color change, just behind Aida Mana (pink to yellow) and Hojo Hibiki (orange to pink).
  • Only behind Shirabe Ako and Madoka Aguri, T-900 is the third youngest Cure at only 12 years old.

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