Angelic Wing PreCure! (エンジェリックウィングプリキュア!Enjerikkuu ~ingu Purikyua!) is a Japanese fanseries and the third Pretty Cure fanseries by CureAlpha. Its' main motif is Angels and Virtues. It will premiere in Feburary 2018, replacing Switch Pretty Cure ϟ Neo! in its' initial timeslot.


In Heaven. there's a top guardian angel who keeps Heaven, Hell and the human world in balance and in peace. But when Hell decides to rule for all worlds and goes to war with Heaven, the angel vanishes. Her three friends travel to Earth in search of her and finds Kokoro Koizumi, a 14- year old who agrees to help them. She's got a long way to go in finding clues and gaining allies in this white and graceful series!



Kokoro Koizumi/Cure Lovely- A bright and elegant 2nd-year at Guardian Angel Catholic School. She's admired by the students and teachers of the school for her personality and her grades, making her a model student and the face of the school.

Hisoka Tenshi/Cure Calm- A quiet and cold bookwoom who hardly steps out of the school's libary. She's always alone and always says that books are her friends, but at times feels lonely.

Tora Isamu/Cure Justice- Head of the school's displinary commitee and a great believer in justice. She believes in justice so much she punishes herslef when she breaks a rule.

Rita Kagahime/Cure Prayer- A very spiritual person who works double as a shrine maiden at her family's shrine and at the local church. She often has trouble deciding which religon she wants to be in.

Nagai Yumeno/Cure Hope- A recurring character who appears in episode 5 but later becomes a protagonist in episode 16. She's often sickly and is not often at school. She knows Kokoro from her childhood.

Kiyomi Tamaki/Cure Seraphim- A mysterious transfer student who first appears in episode 8. She has a connection to the Cures and the missing Heart.


Liv/Ellie Kamihara-

Wing/Tsubasa Akarui-

Gabriel/Kado Ichijou-



Cure Player- The Cures'(excluding Seraphim) transformation device. Needs the Winged Clip to transform and attack.

Winged Clip- Clips that are used for transformations, attacks and summoning weapons. There's different styles and colors for each.

  •  Pink= Lovely
  • Blue= Calm
  • Orange= Justice
  • Purple= Prayer
  • White= Hope
  • Red= Seraphim

Golden Halo Arrow- The Cures' main weapon.

Eternal Charming Harp- Cure Seraphim's transformation device.

Legendary Angel Crossbow- Cure Seraphim's weapon


Kirahana Town- The town where the Cures live.

Guardian Angel Catholic School- The Cures' school.


  • This is the first series where there are no fairies mascots. Instead, the angels are the mascots.
  • This is the second series to feature Catholic Cures and to feature a Catholic School.
  • This is the first series to have no Yellow Cure. Instead, there's a white Cure.
  • This is the sixth series where the Cures are all the same age.

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