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Anata no Hana! Pretty Cure (あなたの花!プリキュア Anata no Hana! Purikyua lit. Your Flower! Pretty Cure ) is the first series created by Cure Honey. The series premieres on April 5, 2014 and is said to have 53 episodes. The series themes are flowers, future selves and instruments.

Rika Izumi is to sing the opening song, Mankai☆Pretty Cure, while Aya Hisakawa is to sing the ending song, Anata ni Todoke.



Pretty Cure

Hanamiya Yuuka (花宮 ゆうか Hanamiya Yuuka)/ Cure Cosmos (キュア コスモス Kyua Kosumosu)

Suzume Shiori (雀 しおり Suzume Shiori)/ Cure Iris (キュア アイリス Kyua Airisu)

Yuuhi Natsumi (夕日 なつみ Yuuhi Natsumi)/ Cure Calendula (キュア カレンジュラー Kyua Karenjurā)

Hanasaku Kaori (花咲く かおり Hanasaku Kaori)/ Cure Hydrangea (キュア ハイドレインジャー Kyua Haidoreinjā)


Talinum (タリナム Tarinamu)/ Itakura Futaba (板倉 ふたば Itakura Futaba)

Columbine (コロンバイン Koronbain)/ Hirado Len (平戸 蓮 Hirado Len)

Poppy (ポピー Popī)/ Tanako Poppy (店子 ポピー Tanako Popī)

Zinnia (ジニア Jinia)/ Maruno Aoba (丸野 あおば Maruno Aoba)


Shiore Quartet (しおれ カルテット Shiore Karutetto) is a group consisting of four people, in which they appear early in the season.

Unadareru (うなだれる Unadareru)

Shinabiru (しなびる Shinabiru)

Shioreru Pretty Cure (しおれる プリキュア Shioreru Purikyua)

Sakaeru Kingdom



Sakaeru Kingdom (さかえる 王国 Sakaeru Ōkoku)

Pretty Cure Forms


  • Anata no Hana! Pretty Cure is the second series to have flowers as it's theme after Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.
  • This season has one of the things that all the official seasons Pretty Cure seasons had:
  • Anata no Hana! Pretty Cure has the most number of episodes, being 53 episodes.

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