Amaisawa Naomi
甘い川 ナオミ
Amaisawa Noami
Personal Information
Birthday DateJune 16
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBlue (Naomi)

Turquoise (Easter)

Alter EgoCure Easter
Theme ColorPink (Main)

Yellow (Sub)

Anime Information
 Amaisawa Naomi (甘い川 ナオミ Amaisawa Naomi) is a 2nd year student at Akuraizora Academy and recent muse, a elite group of girls with excellent artistic abilities. Naomi entered using her painting and drawing skills but messed up during her audition. She slipped on stage, the lights blacked out and her painting fell. However her ability to make the Muses laugh and cheerful personality allowed her to be initiated. Her Cure form is Cure Easter (キュアイースター Kyua īsutā) 


Naomi has salmon pink hair tied into two puffs on the top sides of her head. When let down it is shown to be very voluminous and reach just past her shoulders. Her eyes are dark blue and her general expression is that of a smile. Casually she wears a white short dress with a two layered frilled bottom and a hot pink heart and star design on her abdomen. She wears this with over the knee white socks and hot pink ballet flats. 

As Cure Easter her hair grows down to her knees. Her puffs are kept but gains two long pigtails with intricate curls at the ends. Her costume is a v neck with pink star design on her chest. She has a pink waistband lined with white. There are two layers to her dress bottom with the top pink and the bottom white. She has afluffy yellow filling underneath her dress which is also present on the end of her sleeves and top of her boots. Her eyes become a much lighter shade of blue and she dons diamond rabbit shaped earrings, she also has a rabbit choker.

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