Alright! We Are Mirage Pretty Cure! (Alright!ふたりはミラージュプリキュア! Alright! Futari wa Miraaju Purikyua!?) is the opening of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. The full name is not mentioned in the song, making this event a first in the Pretty Cure world.


The opening begins with four different flowers in each corner. They reveal the Pretty Cure inside and they come out, flying in the air. They land and use their Mirage Batons to create the logo.

The scene cuts to Cherry in a classroom, daydreaming about playing in a soccer game, which is interrupted by Daisy who wants to start a conversation. The girls look at each other, then laugh. Sunny is watching the scene occurring, then sees her mascot, Bright, behind her.

Rose is then looking up at the sky with a vision of Mirage Kingdom. She looks down and immediately transforms into Cure Moonlight Mirage. She then starts to cry.

The scene cuts to a short transformation with Cherry and Daisy. Now as Pretty Cure, the girls watch Taika take someone's Mirage Soul, then fight against a Kurokokoro together. Cure Sunshine Mirage joins in on the battle, and the girls defeat the Kurokokoro.

The last part shows the three Cures posing in front of a light scarlet, light blue, and light yellow background with their mascots before everything freezes and the opening ends.


Starting from LM!PC25, the part where the girls fight is changed to where the three girls watch the same scene happen to another person before fighting against a Kurokokoro. Then, Cure Moonlight Mirage appears and defeats the Kurokokoro on her own, much to the others' amazement.

The last part shows all four Cures posing in front of the same background, but adding light purple to it.

Starting from LM!PC47, the girls fight a Kurokokoro the same way, but all Cures are in their final form, Princess Mirage Cures, and perform their purification attacks. Then they use finishing attacks against Taika.

The pose is still the same, which is the Cures in normal form with their mascots.


Japanese Lyrics

Japanese Opening

Futari wa Miraaju Purikyua!
Hana ga saita toki,
Anata wa, sono
utsukushi-sa ga hyōji sa remasu!
(Miraaju Kyua Go!)

Gakkō e iku tochū no ue o aruku,
Watashi wa watashi no yūjin ga watashi o matte mimashita.
Watashitachi wa subarashī nanika o mite,
(Saku hana!)

Yottsu kagayaku raito ga watashitachi o matte iru.
Miageru to, watashi wa nani no tame ni junbi ga dekite ita!
(Redi?) (Go!)

Hana ga saita toki,
Anata wa, sono
utsukushi-sa ga hyōji sa remasu!

Nani mo watashitachi no jama ni naru ndeshou (no! no!)
Wareware wa zengo subete no dengen o ire to shite...
(Burumu! Miraaju! Faito!)
Futari wa Miraaju Purikyua!

English Lyrics

English Opening

We are Mirage Pretty Cure!
When a flower is blooming,
you will see its beauty!
(Mirage Cures Go!)

Walking on my way to school,
I saw my friends waiting for me.
We smiled, watching something amazing!
(Blooming flowers!)

Four shining lights are waiting for us.
Looking up, I was ready for anything!
(Ready?) (Go!)

When a flower is blooming,
you will see its beauty!

Nothing will get in our way (no! no!)
as we put all our power forth...
(Bloom! Mirage! Fight!)
We are Mirage Pretty Cure!

Opening Characters (Order of Appearance)


  • This is the only opening so far that doesn't mention the entire title of the anime in it.
    • This caused some people to believe it was a duo series, which hadn't happened since Splash Star.
    • In fact, the title is planned to be changed to Blooming Girls! Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure on other places while keeping most of the same lyrics.

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