Alice Kamiya
Alice kamiya


Kamiya Alice
Personal Information
Age12 (Alice)

20 (Cure Mystery)

Birthday Dateunknown
Hair ColorAlice : Light-red brown

Cure Mystery : Red (Cure Mystery)

Eye ColorAlice : Orange

Cure Mystery : Light Blue

Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
RelativesShion Kamiya
Alter EgoCure Mystery
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
First AppearanceLPC09

Alice Kamiya (神谷アリス Kamiya Arisu?) is one of the main cure from ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ. She is Shion Kamiya's younger sister. She call the older cure "-senpai" and she call her brother "nee-chan".


Alice has long light red-brown colored hair worn in pigtails and bright orange eyes.

As Cure Mystery, she ages physically to a 17-year-old. Ace wears a white and red short-sleeved overcoat with pink accents with a short red dress underneath it. She wears a red ribbon at her neck. Her hair becomes long and red and gathered into a ponytail and also with two small buns on her head, (similar to bunny ears, or a heart shape).


When she first appeared, she was cold and disrespectful to her elders (Aika, Kaguya, and Mizuki) and very mature for her age. But behind all that coldness, she is a sweet, loving and caring girl and sometimes likes to have a little fun and loves singing.

Cure Mystery

"The mysterious light of wisdom, cure mystery!"
"Chie no shinpi tekina hikari ga, Kyua Misuteri!"

Cure Mystery (キュアミステリー kyua misuteri?)is Alice's alter ego. Her powers are related to love and rose and her theme colour is red and white. She needs her Love Mirror to transform and her transformation phrase is Pretty Cure! Lovely Dress Up!!

Her main attack is called Love Shower. Later, with her Level 2 Love Shower attack , Cure Mystery can perform Unlimited Love Shower.


  • She is the second Lovely Precure! Cure to represent love, the first is Cure Symphony
  • Alice is the first youngest Pretty Cure in civilian form.
  • She is the second cure named "Alice" , the first is Yotsuba Alice from DokiDoki Precure
  • She is the second and currently only Pretty Cure to have an age change during transformation, the first is Cure Ace.
  • She is the third Pretty Cure to be in elementary school.
  • When as Cure Mystery, she very similiar with Cure Ace.
  • She is the first cure which has a relatives with villain member.


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