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Akiyama Akemi
Akiyama Akemi
SeasonHikari Pretty Cure!
Hair ColorRed (Akemi)

Orange (Cure Burning)

Eye Colororange
Home PlaceLight Town
RelativesAkiyama Mikoto (mother)

Akiyama Arata (brother)

First AppearanceHPC!01
Cure Burning
Theme ColorRed and Orange
 Akiyama Akemi is one of cures from Hikari Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Burning


Akemi is energetic girl who loves sports. She is in girls basketball team. She loves being with her friends but sometimes show that in strange ways.


Coming soon...

Cure Burning

Coming soon....


Kitagawa Haruka - She thought Haruka is interesting when she met her for the first time.

Tsukikawa Hinata - Akemi met Hinata when they were five years old. They are best friends and rivals.

Akiyama Arata - Arata is Akemi's younger brother. They argue a lot but actually care for each other a lot.


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