Akida Kanami
秋田 かなみ
Akida Kanami
Personal Information
Birthday DateNovember 20
Eye Colororange (Kanami)

red (Cherry)

RelativesKaki Momomi (stepmum)

Baby stepsisters

Alter EgoCure Cherry
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonMagical Time Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMTPC02
Akida Kanami (秋田 かなみ Akida Kanami?) is the third cure to appear in Magical Time Pretty Cure. Kanami is an orphan who loves to bake for her baby sisters. She lives with them and her stepmother, Kaki Momomi.


In human form, Kanami's hair is in messy pigtails. Her hair is orange with the same coloured eyes. She wears red glasses. Her outfit consists a red and white striped shirt, a denim skirt and light orange socks underneath red shoes.


Kanami is a very shy girl in her first year of middle school. Although she is a quiet person, she is very smart and always gets good grades for her school tasks. Kanami loves cooking, and always bakes sweets for her baby sisters.


Meeting Uta

Becoming an orphan

Kanami's parents and sisters died in a bad house fire when she was 11. It did not happen when she was very young, so she still has bad memories and sometimes feels unsafe about her future.


Hatsune Uta- The lead cure of Magical Time Pretty Cure. She is Kanami's friend. Her alter ego is Cure Singer.

Cure Cherry

"The sweetness of the heart! Cure Cherry!"
"心の 甘さ!キュア チェリー!"
"kokoro no amasa! Kyua cherī!"

Cure Cherry is Akida Kanami's alter ego. She holds the power of protection.

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