Akamura Keiko
Keiko Flame
Akamura Keiko
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Keiko)

Red (Cure Flame)

Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceHikari Town
RelativesAkamura Naoko (Mother)

Akamura Rai (Father) Akamura Ri (Older Brother) Akamura Mai (Younger Sister) Akamura Sui (Younger Brother) Akamura Akira (Younger Sister)

Alter EgoCure Flame
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
Season5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

First Appearance5LPC!01
 Akamura Keiko is one of cures from 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Flame.


Akamura Keiko is very energetic and great at sports. He play in basketball team of her school. She have three younger siblings and one older brother and she sometimes think of Yumeko as one of her younger sisters too.


Coming soon....

Cure Flame

Yūki no honō Kyua Furēmu.

Coming soon....


Tsukino Yumeko - Yumeko is Keiko's childhood friend and Keiko often think of her as one of her younger sisters.

Kiraki Ringo - In one part of season when they had to fight alone together she became closer with Ringo.



  • She is a bit similiar to Natsuki Rin
    • They are both good at sports
    • They both have younger siblings (Keiko also has one older).
    • Relationship Keiko has with Yumeko is similiar to one Rin has with Nozomi.
  • She is also a bit similiar to Midorikawa Nao and Hino Akane.

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